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We're passionate about helping business owners create a business that thrives and live the life they love. Our software helps to optimize business processes and automate the boring parts.

It was sometime in 2015 when I sat behind my desk at 11 o'clock at night when I had my first anxiety attack. I was running a creative agency with my long-time best friend and we always took on more than we could chew, for too little money. Over time, work compiled, and with that, the stress. The result was longer workdays with less work done. I was on the brink of burnout.

It took me a while to recuperate and realize how I could approach things differently. Eventually, I realized that life is too precious to be stressed and anxious all the time. I decided two things:

  1. From now on, my time would be my most precious asset
  2. I wanted to make enough money to sustain myself, but not more.

With these two principles in place I eventually found out that:

  1. Working less actually improves productivity
  2. Leading a more balanced and active life gives you more energy. The battery charges itself.
  3. You don't need much: a sunrise with a cup of good coffee could be enough

Slowly but surely, I found more time to surf, spent time with my wife, run, read, climb, hang out with friends, bake bread, and have an all-around good time. All this without sacrificing my business.

This is the origin story of ConvertCalculator. We have an appreciation for the quality of life baked in. That's why it's our mission for you to get your time back as well and earn more money in the process.

It’s our job to bring freedom, adventure, creativity and meaning to you: the business owner. We do this by streamlining your business processes. Or better yet: let you do it yourself. Because let's face it, what do we know about your business?

"Streamlining your business processes" sounds like a lot of mumbo-jumbo. Let's share some example problems and solutions to clarify our point:

"I spent too much time writing price quotes and proposals to potential customers"

Let your customers calculate it themselves by building a price quote calculator for your website

"We hate copy/pasting form request data to our CRM"

Automate the process by building a lead capture form that integrates with your CRM

"We have a hard time explaining the benefit of working with us"

Show the value to your customers by building an ROI calculator

"Our sales script in Word is just too confusing for our sales reps"

Create a script in ConvertCalculator that uses show/hide logic to show only relevant parts of the sales script.

"We create PDF documents based on lead capture forms and it's tedious!"

Automate that whole sales process by creating a lead capture form, creating a document template, and tying it together. It flows!

"We have a highly customizable product that customers need to configure, and that's hard to do."

Not with ConvertCalculator. Create a beautiful product configurator where you can sell all potential configurations of your products.

"We have a lot of similar support questions, but a chatbot isn't powerful enough"

We get it, we've tried it with Intercom. Why not create a form that offers form branching, so you can ask follow-up question after follow-up question until your reach the desired result?

"We want to gather feedback from our customers, but we don't read the email responses"

Been there! We created a calculator form that handles data differently depending on the type. High-priority issue? It sends me a text. Questions go to the support inbox. Feature requests go on the backlog.

Did we get your entrepreneurial juices flowing?

Get your time back and earn more in the process now!