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September 14, 2022
Updated: September 04, 2023

How to Make Money Screen Printing

Boost your business with online lead generation and effective customer onboarding

Effective customer onboarding means delighting customers long before the actual printing job begins. Effective onboarding educates customers about your process and sets the expectations right.

Running a screen-printing business well is hard. It requires creativity, craftsmanship, business acumen, and managerial and people skills. The details of the trade often pass by your customers, who mainly look at the end product. For instance, how many people know that it might take days to recreate a print-ready version of the art?

It is important that customers understand the full process. And you have better chances of retaining well-informed customers. Creating awareness and educating your customers, is what a proper customer onboarding can do.

In this article, we will outline the steps to effectively onboard customers to your screen-printing business.

Let’s check it out.

Steps to Effective Screen-Printing Customer Onboarding

1. Collect the lead information

All customers start out as leads. So, to attract new customers, you need an effective lead generation funnel. The first step to effective customer onboarding is collecting the customer's contact details.

Your website is the preferred tool. If you don’t already have a website, you can build a quick landing page with one of many page builders available. On your website, make sure you share relevant information about your business, the printing process and rates, and some client testimonials for validation.

You can collect your customer’s details with a simple web form or Jotform. You will quickly learn though, that there is a better way.

2. Determine order requirements

The second step in effective onboarding is to ask your leads for their order requirements. This information will help you qualify your lead. Which will help you determine which leads are most likely to make an actual purchase.

Order requirements include order amount, garment type, print locations, and print artwork. It also includes a preferred due date for delivery and whether the customer needs shipping. This information will help you filter your preferred customers and will also help you quickly exclude unprofitable jobs.

The order requirements can also be included in the contact form. But like with the customer details, there is a better way for both you and your customer. See a sneak preview, or keep reading.

3. Ask for the print art

When taking the order requirements, check if the customer has print-ready art. And request the art right away. Having the art file will give you a better idea of the job ahead. Once you have the art, you can check for copyright issues, image quality, and overall printability of the design. If the image quality isn't appropriate, you will need extra set up the artwork.

Usually, you will ask your leads to email the file or share the artwork via a cloud storage platform like Dropbox, Google Drive, or others. There is a better way though…

4. Inform and educate your leads

Some customers might not know the technicalities of screen printing. For example, they might need education on the printing process, the proper garments, fabrics, and suppliers best suited for their needs. Educating your customers builds trust. Take for example Garment Decor which does a great job educating its customers through its website and videos.

When you come off as an authority, one-time customers will become return customers for all their screen printing needs. Your website, social channels, youtube channel, and your blog are the perfect tools to inform and educate your customers.

5. Share the job estimate

Based on the inputs provided in the onboarding form, you can give an instant estimate. It helps customers understand your printing services and whether the job is within their budget.

This is where the trouble starts. Conventional form builders are not able to handle all variables that go into building a screen printing quote. This is the time and place where we introduce the better way.

To quote leads effectively, you need a tool that can handle your shop's pricing. You probably have a pricing matrix, where the price per shirt depends on the job configuration and order size. You need a tool that allows you to put your business on the web. In comes ConvertCalculator.

We offer the perfect tool to create a screen printing price quote calculator. A quote calculator can help you take job details like whether or not they will supply their own garment and have their artwork ready. You can ask all the qualifier questions like the garment type, the number of print locations, the number of colors per location, and others. The software supports all Excel functions available, so no pricing is too complex.

Having a quote calculator on your website provides your leads with an instant estimate and saves the details for you to review and discuss. ConvertCalculator is compatible with all the popular website builders. So, you can add it to any website or landing page with ease.

See for yourself!

6. Analyze the quote feasibility

To provide the best onboarding experience, you need to understand whether you can deliver what the customers want. You need to determine whether the turnaround time is enough.

Then, you also need to check if the art is suitable for printing and isn't a copyrighted piece. Another thing is to confirm the availability of garments before accepting the order.

So, after a customer has filled out the estimate form, it's time to determine the feasibility of the order. Only if you can complete the print in the stipulated time, you should accept the order.

And guess what, all these lead qualification steps can be done automatically with your quote calculator!

7. Schedule a call

The next step in onboarding your qualified leads is to get on a call to further clarify the details.

In this call is where you get to interact with your customers one-on-one after understanding their business. Take some time to understand your customers' business to give them the best onboarding experience. You want to be specific and not make wrong assumptions. Confirm what you understood about their printing needs and get the wheels rolling.

You can schedule the call right on the landing page when taking their order requirements. You can also reach out later for a suitable time if that’s what you prefer. Your price quote calculator can be set up to make contact details required and only show the price estimate after submission. With this Lead Generation Quote Calculator, you make sure you always catch your lead's contact information.

8. Set milestones

When you're ready to start with the job, set the milestones for your customers. It sets the expectations for deliverables, timelines, and so on. It improves the onboarding experience and builds long-term relationships and trust.

You should provide a clear roadmap about your process. Your customers must know when you'll provide a sample print and if (and when) you provide delivery in batches.

It's best to create an onboarding checklist so that your customers know what to expect next. If they’re uncertain, it can affect their trust in you, no matter how good you are.

9. Focus on customer service

Now, that you’ve landed the deal, it doesn't mean the customer onboarding is complete. You must stay in touch with your customers.

When there are production delays, let them know early on. Being honest with them will build long-term loyalty. It also ensures that your customers don’t think of you as another shady screen-printing business.

Follow up and check if they have something more to tell. Ask them if they still have doubts.

You can offer them complimentary services like tot-bags or embroidery. Even if you don’t offer these services, you can help them with printing what they need, through other businesses. Treat them the way you would like to be treated.

Qualify and retain your preferred customers for as long as you can. When you work with your ideal customers, you get better projects and higher margins.

Qualify Customers with ConvertCalculator

ConvertCalculator helps you create survey forms, feedback forms, and quote calculators to qualify and understand your customers better. ConvertCalculator is a multipurpose no-code builder for marketing and sales tools. That helps you automate your lead capturing and customer onboarding. We offer many templates, to get you started.

With a ConvertCalculator price quote calculator you can:

  • Determine the print job's requirements
  • Share automated order estimate
  • Schedule calls and appointments
  • Calculate quote feasibility and profitability
  • Provide a PDF-quote
  • Feed quote data into your other software systems like Printavo and others

ConvertCalculator offers a no-code, drag-and-drop quote calculator. That you can use without coding knowledge. Our app integrates with hundreds of apps and platforms. So you can automate much of the customer onboarding process and make money from screen printing.

Wrapping It Up

Onboarding screen printing customers is a precise step-by-step process of delighting them. It involves customer education, getting the details right, and clarifying their doubts. When done right, onboarding creates the base for a long and beneficial relationship.

So, create a lead capture form with ConvertCalculator, onboard customers effectively, and make more money with your screen printing business.

Bonus: Screen Printing Cost Calculator

Tired of guessing what your price should be? Too high and you might lose the order. Too low and you won't make any money! Check out the Legendary Screen Printing Cost Calculator by Cloak-Work, which will help you quote in confidence. Just download the Excel sheet, plug in your material and labor costs, and get a price based on hard numbers!

We even created a companion price quote template. All you have to do to get a quote calculator up and running is to copy-paste some values from the Excel file to the template and embed the calculator on your website.

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