How many emails are received per day by your team members?

Radicati Group suggests the average per knowledge worker is 126 (as of 2019)

How many emails are business records that need to be filed and/or tagged into the repository?*

Our customers and research point to ~30% of emails needing to be filed and saved

How many knowledge workers in your organization?*

How many minutes per email can be saved using a solution like Colligo Email Manager?*

Our research and customer feedback highlights time savings of ~2 minutes/email or 2/3 of the time.

2 Min. per email

1 Min. per email
3 Min. per email

Time spent filing emails and records, per worker, per day

Based on an avg. of 3 minutes per email

Annual Cost Saving at Your Organization

Assuming average knowledge worker base salary of USD$60,000 per year