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Weebly is a powerful website builder to create your own marketing website for your product or service. The beautiful themes make your website look professional and the marketing tools (SEO tools and form tools) help you capture leads. The only thing you need more to generate sales from your website is the ConvertCalculator sales tool. Luckily, there is ConvertCalculator.

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Why choose Weebly for your online presence?

Weebly offers advanced web development software, yet makes its easy for you to build and design a website yourself without any needed skills. In addition to basic web building and web design features, Weebly provides site search and video and audio options for interaction with your visitors, which is what visitors are looking for in using a website nowadays.

When your website (or blog or e-commerce platform) is live, Weebly helps hosting your site and more. An Email marketing tool to send newsletters or product updates, SEO tools to improve the ranking of your website in search engines, and website statistics to track your visitors and understand your performance, are some of their additional tools. See a full overview of Weebly features on their website.

Weebly offers a good solution for smaller businesses who want to be in control of their own web content. We often come across such businesses at ConvertCalculator. They want to be adaptive to the market and change their web content accordingly, whether this concerns refining their pricing strategy or executing online marketing activities through their website. With Weebly you have the opportunity to edit content and add or remove features, even change the complete template (and therefore the complete look and feel of your website), directly yourself when needed. This is a great advantage over paying a third party to build a website or change your web content for you.

How is weebly priced?

Weebly offers different plans at reasonable prices. Choose the plan according to the features you need. There is a basic, free plan, but to get most out of their tools you need a Starter (€6/mo), Pro (€9/mo, or Business plan (€19/mo).

Can you embed a calculator on a Weebly website?

ConvertCalculator helps businesses that sell products or services that have flexible pricing - prices that are not fixed and cannot be communicated as such on their website. An online calculator form offers a solution to the business owners for sending out price quotes for every inquiry. Visitors can simply calculate the product price by givings answers to a few questions that are needed to calculate the price. In addition to price quote calculations, ConvertCalculator’s calculator form is used by business owners for other purposes, e.g. to show their customers how much costs they can save when buying their product.

Weebly and ConvertCalculator work together seamlessly. After creating your own calculator form you "embed" the calculator via a code-block via Weebly editor using a universal JavaScript embed code.

Pay only €9 per month for an unlimited number of calculators on your website and to use your own branding. Or use your calculator form as a real lead generator by upgrading to our pro plan. ConvertCalculator’s calculator form is also easy to embed on e.g. your Squarespace or Wordpress website.