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August 29, 2023
Updated: September 09, 2023

6 Best Website Interactive Calculator Builders (2023)

Top features, pricing, power, integrations, user experience... all the info you need to make the right choice is here

An interactive calculator for your website is fantastic for engaging visitors. The interactive experience makes your content more interesting for your audience.

And you can personalize their experience, allowing you to meet the user’s specific needs. That ensures people get value when they use an interactive calculator on your website.

Personalizing the experience also makes this tool incredible for capturing leads. Website visitors can use the calculator, input their information, and get results.

So you capture their details, including their email addresses. You can then follow up with services tailored to their needs - a win/win.

Building an interactive calculator doesn’t need to be hard. Here are the 6 best interactive calculator builders for your website in 2023.

Top Picks: 6 Best Interactive Calculator Builders

  • ConvertCalculator - most powerful and highly customizable.
  • uCalc - easy to use with an intuitive interface.
  • Calconic - good for personal use.
  • Calculoid - great features for those with deep pockets.
  • Paperform - makes beautiful calculators.
  • - nice features in the highest-tier business plan.

What is an Interactive Calculator?

An interactive calculator is a digital tool for users to perform calculations and get results. The best ones have dynamic and user-friendly interfaces, leading to high customer satisfaction.

Unlike traditional calculators, interactive ones often have specialized features and functions. They meet specific needs or cover certain scenarios.

Interactive calculators have a wide range of applications. You can use them for financial calculators like the following:

  • Mortgage calculator

  • Retirement calculator

  • Business loan calculator

They help your website visitors make informed decisions, solve complex problems, and perform calculations with ease. Interactive calculators offer users value while providing an engaging experience.

Our 6 Best Interactive Calculator Builders (Reviewed)

1. ConvertCalculator

This powerful software allows you to build complex interactive calculators for your website. The interface is super intuitive and easy to use. You don’t need any coding skills to create complex calculators.

ConvertCalculator uses a powerful engine called FormualScript. It lets you process complex data in calculations and makes building any kind of calculator possible. This software is built around the magic of FormulaScript, making it hands-down the most powerful interactive calculator builder on the market.

Also, you can work with large datasets by importing data in tables. That means creating calculators for powerful calculations is easier for you. It lets you pull data from external points automatically, saving you time and resources.

You can build highly customizable calculators with this software. Embed calculators that match your branding with custom fonts and colors, and perfect the look with custom HTML and CSS. The learning curve here is higher, but you get far superior results if you’re willing to take a little extra time.

ConvertCalculator also has excellent integrations such as Google Sheets, Mailchimp, HubSpot, and Snipcart. You can embed calculators into any website, and it connects with Zapier for seamless app integrations.

You can get started with a free forever plan with access to all platinum features. This free plan keeps you connected until to reach 100 monthly visits.

ConvertCalculator Pricing

You can choose from four paid plans for this powerful software. These are hobby, pro, premium, and platinum.


  • Most powerful calculations on the market

  • Unlimited users for any payment plan

  • Embeds into any website

  • Excellent integrations

  • Highly customizable

  • Easy to use

  • Free plan


  • Higher learning curve for design customizations

2. uCalc

With uCalc, users can build interactive calculators for various industries and uses. These include calculators for the construction industry to review floor plans or ones for the real estate niche to calculate rent payments.

Users don't need a technical background to build a calculator with this software. It offers templates to choose from, and users can create calculators using a simple visual editor.

This builder also has some customization options. Users can change a template by adding images or switching fonts. This software also has a design mode where users can choose from four major themes and customize them further. But overall customization is limited compared to ConvertCalculator.

With uCalc, users get a 14-day free trial to try the software. But it doesn't offer a free plan like other companies.

uCalc Pricing

The company offers three pricing tiers. These are basic, standard, and pro.

The below image shows the annual price and inclusions.


  • User-friendly

  • No coding needed

  • Customization options

  • Make payments on calculators

  • Automated order email and SMS alerts


  • Lacks powerful calculations

  • Customization could be better

  • Free 14-day trial but no free plan

3. Calconic

Users can build interactive calculators for free with Calconic. The free plan allows them to use five active calculators for up to 500 impressions per month. Once users reach this threshold, they must choose a paid plan.

This calculator builder has a simple drag-and-drop interface. So users don't need any coding experience to get up and running.

Calconic gives users plenty of templates to choose from. It allows them to set up calculators quickly. And users can customize these templates to meet their needs.

The multistep feature is helpful when building complex calculators. It lets users split the process into steps, which makes creating the calculator more user-friendly.

Calconic Pricing

As mentioned, Calconic has a basic free plan for users. The paid plans are split into three tiers: light, regular, and bold. You can view the annual price for these plans in the image below.


  • Can handle many kinds of calculators

  • Library of templates

  • Convenient builder

  • Take payments

  • Good pricing


  • Limited integrations

  • Customization could be better

4. Calculoid

This software offers simple online calculator solutions. The integrated math functions allow users to make real-time calculations for various use cases like price quoting, savings, and ROI.

Calculoid has a user-friendly interface with a drag-and-drop builder. So users can create calculators without coding experience.

The CSV tables option lets users work with large amounts of data. They can link tables with calculators to pull datasets.

Users can start with Calculoid for free with up to 500 monthly views. But all the top features are limited, so they can't use even basic features like choosing a template.

Calculoid Pricing

This software has three pricing plans after the free option. These are lead generation, high traffic and eCommerce, and agency. See the pricing structure and inclusions below.


  • Easy to use

  • Embeds with any website

  • Work with large datasets

  • Live support

  • Customization with CSS


  • Limited templates

  • Sever limitations on the free plan

  • Calculators slow to load sometimes

5. Paperform

Better known for its beautiful forms, Paperform also lets users build interactive calculators for their websites. It has a user-friendly interface for creating online calculators. These give users real-time calculations based on their inputs.

Paperform offers users over 24 calculator templates. Whether they want to calculate mortgages or calories, users can find the template to suit their needs.

This software performs simple calculations to more complex ones using conditional logic. Users can also customize calculator templates to match their branding.

Paperform doesn't have a free basic plan. But users can try the software with a free 14-day trial.

Paperform Pricing

This software has a higher pricing structure than others on our list. It has three tiers: essential, pro, and agency. The below image shows the rate for an annual subscription.


  • Intuitive user interface

  • Beautiful looking calculators

  • Wide range of templates

  • Great customization options

  • Excellent integrations


  • Higher pricing

  • Limited users on first two plans


With, users can build engaging interactive calculators for their websites. Its calculators work well for the marketing, eCommerce, publishing, and education industries.

The no-code builder is user-friendly and has a drag-and-drop feature. Users can create calculators using Excel-like formulas without any coding knowledge.

The templates make it even easier to build calculators. And with over 40 to choose from, users can find a template to suit their needs. Price quotes, key metrics, and personal finance calculators are popular options. has a free plan that allows users to create calculators for up to 100 submissions. For anything beyond that, they'll need to buy a subscription. Pricing

The price for this software lies at the higher end of the spectrum. It has three pricing tiers after the free plan. Those are starter, professional, and business. Check out the image below for pricing - annual rate.


  • Easy to build calculators

  • Partial submissions

  • Plenty of templates

  • Good integrations

  • Take payments


  • High price

  • Lacks customization

  • Limited users (only 3 on highest plan)

9 Key Characteristics of an Interactive Calculator Builder

The best interactive calculator builders for your website have these qualities.

1. Customization - tailor calculators to specific use cases or industries and allow users to enter data relevant to their needs.

2. Dynamic input - enter information directly into the calculator through input fields, dropdown menus, sliders, or other interactive elements.

3. Complex calculations - interactive calculators should perform calculations beyond basic arithmetic, using formulas, equations, or algorithms.

4. Real-time feedback - get instant feedback when you alter inputs, so they can see the results of the changes they make.

5. User-friendly interface - the user experience is a crucial element of interactive calculators, and they must intuitively guide users through the process.

6. Scenario variation - adjust variables and get results for different scenarios, like planning retirement or analyzing investments.

7. Industry specific functionality - create calculators for various industries and provide relevant specialized calculations.

8. Web or app-based - access through websites or standalone applications.

9. Visualizations - incorporate visual representations like models, graphs, or diagrams to help users better understand the results.

11 Benefits of an Interactive Calculator for Your Website

1. Engagement: Calculators engage visitors by allowing them to interact with your business and get immediate results. This helps keep users on your site longer, reducing bounce rates.

2. Value: Calculators are a practical and valuable tool for visitors. They help users perform calculations relevant to their needs - like cost estimations, savings projections, or product sizing.

3. Personalization: Interactive calculators can cater to individual user inputs, providing personalized results tailored to each visitor's specific circumstances. This enhances user experience and relevance.

4. Lead Generation: Calculators can serve as effective lead generation tools. Users are willing to input their information in exchange for customized results - like a sustainability calculator on a solar installation website.

5. Educational: Calculators can educate your audience about complex financial or technical concepts. Users can better understand their financial situation when calculators break down the results.

6. Data Collection: Interactive calculators collect valuable data from users - preferences, needs, or spending patterns. This data can inform your marketing strategies and product offerings.

7. User Retention: Engaging tools like calculators increase the likelihood that users will return to your website, especially if they find the tool valuable and reliable.

8. Shareability: Visitors might share your calculator with others if they find it useful, leading to increased exposure for your website.

9. Brand Authority: Providing valuable tools like calculators can position your brand as an authority in your industry and show your commitment to helping users make informed decisions.

10. Differentiation: A unique calculator can set your website apart from competitors and make a memorable impression on visitors.

11. Increased Conversions: If your goal is to drive conversions, interactive calculators can play a role. For example, a mortgage calculator on a real estate website can help buyers better understand their position in the market. This can lead to more inquiries and sales.


Interactive calculators are a powerful tool for your website. They engage your visitors and have several benefits, including lead generation and increased conversions.

ConvertCalculator is the most powerful interactive website calculator builder on the market. This software allows you to build complex calculators for almost limitless uses.

The intuitive interface makes this easy - no coding needed. You can simply drag and drop elements in the builder or choose a template to get started.

Either option lets you create highly customized interactive calculators. Engaging your website visitors has never been easier.

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