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Set up in minutes on any website or use our standalone landing page. ConvertCalculator integrates with every platform or CMS. 100% mobile support.

Maximize online orders

Collect more online orders by educating visitors and using ecommerce pricing tools that offer your customers exact pricing and product configuration.

No coding needed

You don't have to have technical skills to create and deploy your calculator. Just use our drag-and-drop editor and copy-paste the embed code.



Turbocharge your eCommerce Store

Engage your audience with interactive content like product configurators, product pricing calculators, e commerce pricing tools and more.

The tools your website doesn’t have

Most website platforms lack sophisticated conversion tools that could help you automate things like complex product pricing, shipping, bulk discounts etc. ConvertCalculator provides the tools you need.

Retain complete control

Pricing can change quickly, and you don’t want to contact a developer for every change. Build in ConvertCalculator and have the power to add, change, or update any time - for free.

and more

Tools to grow your ecommerce business

Highly customizable

It’s easy to customize a calculator to match your website and branding. Seamlessly make your calculator a part of your website.

Powerful conditional logic

Create complex question branching with our powerful conditional logic. You can build even the most complicated financial calculator.

Seamless integration

Integrate your calculator with your favorite CRM or marketing tool through Zapier. And integrate with 1000+ apps.

Feature packed order forms

Create any type order form you want, with extensive question types and beautiful layout and design options.

Empower customers

Help your customers make informed financial decisions easily with a calculator.

Calculation muscle

Our software helps you make powerful calculations - no matter how complex.

The extra functionality you need

Create powerful tools that boost sales today

What a calculator can do for your e-commerce site

Create custom calculators and forms tailored to your specific business needs. Calculators can range from simple price estimators to intricate product configurators.

The foremost benefit of incorporating a calculator into your website is the enhancement of customer engagement which leads to increased conversions. Imagine a potential customer visiting a site selling custom furniture.

Instead of navigating through a maze of options, they use a calculator to input their preferences, see the finished product, and instantly receive a price quote. This level of interactivity simplifies the user experience and significantly shortens the sales cycle.

A calculator that breaks down the cost, including shipping and taxes, builds trust and reliability. It reduces the frequency of cart abandonment by providing customers with all the information they need to make a purchase decision.

For instance, a business selling electronic devices can offer a calculator that helps customers choose the right product specifications, resulting in a personalized experience that speeds up the decision-making process.

Hard working eCommerce Tools that drive results for your site

Use our powerful templates or build your own from scratch with our easy drag-and-drop builder. No coding required.

The following tools can be used to increase sales, customer engagement and  satisfaction on your website:

Complex product configurations

Product configurators transform the customer experience from confusing to engaging. They increase sales and set customer expectations. Our software is powerful enough for even the most complex products.

Product pricing calculators

Product pricing calculators can include checkboxes, slider bars, radio buttons, and more so customers can see the effect of their product choices in real-time.

Bulk Order Discounts

Many platforms lack the power for you to set up bulk order discounts. Create what you need with ConvertCalculator and embed or integrate in a few minutes.

Shipping Calculations

Use our calculator tool to provide real-time shipping cost estimates. Whether they're based on product weight, dimensions, or destination, customers get a transparent view of shipping expenses. This clarity helps in reducing cart abandonment rates caused by unexpected shipping costs at checkout. Additionally, it streamlines your logistics planning, ensuring a smoother fulfillment process.

Tax and Duty Calculators

Create a tax and duty calculator to automate calculations, ensuring compliance and transparency. Set up to adapt to various regions and countries so you can provide accurate figures based on current tax laws and regulations.

ROI Calculators for B2B

Demonstrate the value of your products with an ROI calculator. Enable your customers to calculate the long-term benefits and savings of your products. By inputting relevant data, they can visualize the return on their investment, making it easier for them to make informed purchasing decisions.

This tool is especially beneficial for products requiring significant upfront investment, helping you to effectively communicate their value proposition.

Energy Savings Calculators

Energy savings calculators allow customers to calculate the long-term financial and environmental benefits of switching to energy-efficient products. By inputting their current usage and comparing it with the potential savings offered by your products, customers can see a clear, quantifiable impact.

Use with most eCommerce Website builder platforms

Our forms and calculators integrate seamlessly with your e-commerce platform. Transforming it into a powerful conversion tool for your products.

Get going today

It's easy and free to start building your ecommerce pricing tools and calculators. Follow the instructions below:

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Create your free ConvertCalculator account here. No credit card needed. You can use it free until you have over 100 visitors to your form per month. You're now ready to create your first form.

Choose a template 

Find a template to suit your needs here and tailor it to your business by adjusting the form settings. Or follow the instructions to create your own form from scratch using our drag-and-drop form builder.

Load your forms

Once your forms are ready to go, you can embed or integrate them onto your Unbounce page.


Embedding your form directly to your Unbounce landing page takes just a few minutes. Follow these instructions to embed your form.


You can integrate your forms using Zapier. Click here to learn how

Embed or Integrate?

Whether you embed or integrate depends on your needs.

Embedding refers to placing one item (your form) within another(your Unbounce landing page). Do this if you don't need to integrate with external data.

If you need to synchronize data --- for example, to accept payments--- you will need to integrate your forms to allow for the exchange of data. Both methods are simple and quick.

Ecommerce pricing tool FAQ

Can I create calculators for complex product configurations?

Yes, our calculator builder is designed to handle complex product configurations, enabling your customers to customize products and see real-time price updates.

How do custom calculators improve the shopping experience?

Custom calculators provide transparency in pricing, shipping, and customization, which helps build trust and simplifies customer decision-making.

Can I track the usage data of my calculators for insights?

Yes, you can track how visitors interact with your calculators on your dashboard. You can find statistics on visits, views, interactions, and actions.

Is technical support available for setting up and maintaining these calculators?

Yes. We provide responsive technical support to assist you in setting up and maintaining your calculators. Our customers have rated us 4.7 for customer service on Capterra.

Are the calculators mobile-friendly?

Yes, all our calculators are fully responsive and mobile-friendly, ensuring a great user experience across all devices.