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If you want to have customers, you need to get quoting right. This means your potential customer needs to get all the relevant information about your product as fast as possible to make an informed buying decision. This starts with a solid lead capture form and ends with a signable pdf proposal. You can streamline this entire process with ConvertCalculator's proposal software. Level up, keep your paperwork professional, and boost the reputation of your business.

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Get beautiful, personalized proposals out the door in no time. Create professional, error-free documents with pre-built templates, customizable styling, drag & drop library of page elements, signature functionality, and data from your quote calculator.

Spend less time writing proposals

With our proposal software you can automate all the boring parts of your sales process. From lead capture to PDF proposals. This means more time for more important things.

Unprecedented power and flexibility

We have reinvented the pdf quote and made it ready for the 21st century. Our pdf quotes are essentially online pages, that have all the functionality of regular website calculators. The calculator + print button gives you the power of a web calculator and the aesthetics of a pdf document.


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Automate your configure-price-quote process with a website calculator & pdf quote.

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Hubspot, GoogleSheets, Airtable, Stripe, you name it. We integrate with 1000+ apps directly or through Zapier.

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Create interactive embedded forms or standalone pages that include the power of Excel.

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Set up in minutes on any website. ConvertCalculator integrates with all platforms with 100% mobile support.

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Common Questions For PDF Quotes

What is a pdf proposal?

A pdf proposal gives your leads a summary and details about products and services that they are considering. It can give a breakdown of prices, discounts, and totals of those items. With a professional pdf-quote, you can also make sure you give accurate information to your customers and give them the information quickly in a standard format. A typical PDF quote contains the following items:

  • a list of products and services you’re quoting
  • the prices and discounts on those items
  • the totals and subtotals
  • a summary of products and services
  • any important terms and conditions
  • additional specification documents for review
  • a signature block

How Do I Create a PDF Proposal with ConvertCalculator?

You can create a pdf proposal by following the following steps:

  1. create your price quote calculator
  2. create a new table that contains columns for all elements that you want to display in the pdf-quote
  3. create a document calculator, or use this template as a starting point
  4. connect your price quote calculator to your table, so submission data is sent to the table when clicking a button
  5. connect the table to the document calculator with table functions
  6. connect your quote calculator to your document calculator via a query parameter

Learn more about how to create a pdf quote in ConvertCalculator by visiting the pdf quote template.