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Are you a Shopify user looking for powerful add-ons to take your store to the next level? If so, you’re in the right place.

ConvertCalculator is your one-stop shop for creating highly functional Shopify marketing tools like product configurators, B2B pricing, Lead generators, and multipage forms.

Read on to find out exactly what is available and how you can start benefiting today!

How to set up tools for Shopify 

Setup your free account

Create your free ConvertCalculator account here. No credit card details needed. You can use it free until you have over 100 visitors to your form per month. Once signed up, you're ready to create your first form.

Choose a template

Find a template to suit your needs here and tailor it to your business by adjusting the form settings. Or follow the instructions to create your form from scratch using our drag-and-drop form builder.

Load your forms

Once your forms are ready to go, you can embed or integrate them onto your Shopify platform.


Embedding your form directly to your Shopify landing page takes only a few minutes. Follow these instructions to embed your form.


You can integrate your forms using Zapier. Click here to learn how.

Now you're ready to capture more leads - it's that easy.

Embed or Integrate?

Whether you embed or integrate depends on your needs.

Embedding is placing one item (your form) within another (your Shopify landing page). Do this if you don't need to integrate with external data.

If you need to synchronize data --- for example, to accept payments--- you must integrate forms to allow the data exchange. Both methods are simple and quick.

Using ConvertCalculator software to enhance your Shopify store

As you would know, Shopify provides a range of sales and marketing tools. However, they can be limiting.

There is a more extensive range of tools within Shopify Plus. Although the $2000 minimum monthly subscription price can be prohibitive if you are a small to medium business.

Using software like ConvertCalculator to fill the gaps means you can achieve the functionality you need without the price tag.

For example, there will likely come a time when you need superior configuration or calculation power.

You may want to provide a personalized price quotation to customers based on their selections or generate leads by capturing information through multi-page forms.

Shopify may not offer the level of customization or flexibility you need for these tasks. This is where ConvertCalculator will take you to the next level.

Product Configuration

With ConvertCalculator, you can create interactive and customizable calculators and product configurators. This unique feature can greatly increase sales and conversion rates as customers appreciate the experience of creating their product and seeing what they are buying before paying.

This tool can be a game-changer for businesses selling customizable products or services where prices vary depending on the customers' specific requirements.

Multi-Page Forms and Decision Trees

Create powerful multi-page forms or decision trees. These can be incredibly useful for businesses that need to gather information from their customers.

For instance, multi-page forms or decision trees can streamline the process if you sell complex products or services that require a detailed understanding of the customer's needs before making a recommendation.

Lead Generation

Enhance your Lead Generation forms to include things like file upload and other fields not available within Shopify.

ConvertCalculator provides the capability to create powerful lead-generation features on your Shopify page. You can also integrate these with your email marketing platform.

Once setup your lead generation will run on autopilot, saving you time and money.

Results Pages

Create tailored Result Pages for your customers. Shopify's traditional checkout process may not provide the flexibility to create customized result pages.

However, using ConvertCalculator, you can design unique result pages that provide personalized information or recommendations based on the customer's input.

This significantly enhances the customer's shopping experience and makes it more personal and engaging - leading to more sales.

Summing up

The seamless integration between ConvertCalculator and Shopify makes the whole process highly efficient. Information is sent between the two platforms without any coding required on your part.

Allowing you to focus on growing your business rather than dealing with technical challenges.

Using ConvertCalculator for complex pricing calculations on Shopify

ConvertCalculator's complex pricing capabilities can be used to enhance Shopify's basic options.

Create intricate pricing models, which give you the flexibility to adjust prices based on numerous factors.

Dynamic Product Bundling: Unlike Shopify, ConvertCalculator provides dynamic product bundling, allowing you to offer customized product combinations. This feature enhances customer experience and stimulates more purchases.

Advanced Inventory Management: Shopify offers basic inventory tracking, but ConvertCalculator can be used to create advanced inventory management and provide more detailed insights. Keep track of your stock in real-time, prevent over-selling, and ensure adequate supply.

Detailed ROI Calculations: Shopify doesn't offer built-in ROI calculation features. In contrast, ConvertCalculator can be used to help track return on investment meticulously. This can be crucial for understanding profit margins and making informed decisions.

Discount and Sales Promotions: ConvertCalculator provides a more advanced system to create discounts and sales promotions, offering more parameters and customization than Shopify's discount system.

Shipping Cost Estimates: ConvertCalculator can be used to set more detailed and exact shipping cost estimates based on multiple factors, giving customers a more accurate estimation compared to Shopify's standard shipping cost calculation.

Tax Calculations: While Shopify can calculate tax, with ConvertCalculator you can create a more comprehensive tax calculation system, enabling you to customize tax rates based on region, product type, or customer group.

Profit Margin Calculator: Create a profit margin calculator to calculate the profitability of each product and set up more advanced calculations.

Quantity Discounts: ConvertCalculator allows businesses to set up more complex quantity discounts, providing greater flexibility and customization than Shopify's basic bulk discount options.

Wholesale Pricing: Use ConvertCalculator to set up a seamless solution for wholesale prices, giving you more control and flexibility than Shopify's basic wholesale pricing system.

While you may be able to get some of these features inside Shopify's add-on store, you will need to purchase each one from a separate vendor.

Purchasing from multiple vendors and installing multiple plug-ins means more room for technical problems and a much higher cost.

By using ConvertCalculator, you have everything in one place and pay one low monthly fee.

As ConvertCalculator is so powerful, you will never have to worry about hitting a wall with regard to functionality and what you need to achieve. Your store will grow with your business.

Shopify + ConvertCalculator = Powerful solution for B2B and wholesale

Shopify is primarily designed for B2C sales, where product prices are typically fixed.

However, in a B2B context, prices often need to be customized based on the volume of the purchase, the long-term value of the customer, or the nature of the negotiation.

This could mean offering bulk discounts, loyalty discounts, or negotiated rates. Shopify doesn't support such complex pricing models out of the box.

For example, if you want to offer a tiered pricing model (where prices decrease as the quantity purchased increases) or a bundle pricing model (where buying a set of items together costs less than buying them individually), you could find it difficult to implement these on Shopify without extensive customization or third-party apps.

This is where ConvertCalculator comes in. The flexibility and power of ConvertCalculator means you can set up exactly what you need in terms of calculation and workflow for front and back-end processes.

Use it to create custom pricing models specific to wholesale businesses based on user inputs. This makes it a valuable tool for businesses that require more complex pricing strategies.

Done for you Concierge Service.

ConvertCalculator offers a cost-effective Concierge service. If you lack the time or prefer personalized assistance, their experts can set up the solution for you.

and more

Find the power you need

ConvertCalculator offers enterprise-level tools at small business prices. Designed to level the playing field for small to medium businesses so you can automate, save time, and grow without the stress.


Customizable Forms

Create forms that don’t just ask questions but provide answers and insights tailored specifically to your customer's needs.

Seamless Integration

Sync ConvertCalculator with your existing tools for a harmonious workflow experience.

User-Friendly Interface

Build complex calculators and forms with ease, drag & drop, no coding knowledge required.

Data-Driven Decisions

Gain valuable insights from user interactions, empowering you to make informed business decisions.


Mobile-Optimized Solutions

Fully responsive designs that look great on any device.

You’re in control

No need to hire programmers or outsource and pay for every update or change. Keep it all in-house and stay in control.

Shopify Platform: FAQ

How to create a web calculator on Shopify

Create a web calculator on Shopify with our intuitive calculator builder. With a variety of templates to choose from and a user-friendly drag & drop form builder at your disposal, you can easily craft your own Shopify calculator. No coding is necessary. Our tools empower you to design and build your own Shopify calculator.

Will ConvertCalculator work on Shopify?

Shopify and ConvertCalculator integrate smoothly to enhance your website's functionality. After the calculator creation process, simply embed it on your site with a few easy steps.

What are Shopify’s main features?

Shopify is a platform for building and running your commerce and e-commerce business. It is geared towards B2C and is an excellent go-to for people who need an easy secure way to run their business.

Here are some of the main features users enjoy:

  • Security - Shopify provides robust security measures to protect both the merchant's and the customer's information, ensuring a safe and secure shopping experience.

  • Personalization - The platform offers various personalization options, which merchants can use to tailor their store to their brand.

  • Fast loading speed - Shopify's fast loading speed ensures a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience for customers.

  • Mobile commerce ready - Shopify stores are designed to be mobile-friendly, catering to the increasing number of customers shopping from their smartphones.

How much does Shopify cost?

Here are the pricing plans offered by Shopify:

  • Starter = $5 pm. (Sell products through social and messaging apps)

  • Basic = $39 pm. Credit card rates are 2.9% + 30¢ USD online

  • Shopify = $105 pm. Credit card rates 2.6% + 30¢ USD online

  • Advanced = $399 pm. Credit card rates 2.4% + 30¢ USD online

Get a 25% discount for paying annually.

Note that Shopify Payments, in partnership with Stripe, is necessary to utilize this pricing structure in certain countries.

Shopify Plus, intended for high-growth, high-volume businesses, has a different pricing structure. It starts at $2000 per month, but the cost can increase based on the specific needs of your business or if your online sales are over $800,000 per month.

This plan includes advanced features like higher level of customization, dedicated support, and more. Transaction fees can be as low as 0.15% with Shopify Payments.

Get the performance you need from your Shopify store

Use Shopify and ConvertCalculator together to power up your e-commerce business.

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