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Instapage focuses on helping marketing teams increase conversions and lower the cost of customer acquisition. It allows customers to create landing pages quickly at scale without needing a developer. With ConvertCalculator, you can create custom lead-generation forms and interactive content for Instapage. Tailor forms and interactive content to meet your needs and close more deals.

Instapage: The Rundown

Instapage aims to help its customers increase conversions from post-click landing pages. It views personalization as the key to unlocking higher conversion rates, with people landing on relevant pages after clicking on an ad.

Instapage customers can create personalized and optimized landing pages at scale - without a developer. They can automatically connect ads with these pages to help maximize conversions.

Some stats on Instapage:

  • Over 3 million landing pages created
  • 15,000+ brands
  • Over 4 billion unique visitors
  • 500 m+ conversions

Using Instapage for your website: Pros & Cons

Instapage Pros

Easy to set up: Instapage has a drag-and-drop feature and doesn’t require any technical skills. Importing images and content is simple.
Responsive and fast: Cloud hosting makes Instapage fast and responsive. It doesn’t tax your hosting or slow your site.
A/B testing: You can create two versions of a page super fast. That makes A/B testing for higher conversions easy.
Reusable pages: With Instapage, you can reuse pages for other funnels. It makes the conversion process faster.
Audience personalization: Creating pages for each campaign is simple with Instapage. It’s convenient for each retargeting ad.

Instapage Cons

Limited options for forms: The form builder in Instapage limits users to creating generic forms. You can’t build complex or highly-customizable ones.
Lacks dynamic content: You can’t create dynamic content for your landing pages with Instapage. Interactive content makes landing pages convert at higher rates.
SEO optimization tools: Instapage could improve its SEO optimization tools. That would help users get their landing pages ranked on Google.
Pricing: Expect to pay high prices for Instapage. It reserves features for the dearer plans, which cost more than other software options.

Instapage Sales and Marketing Solutions

Users get various sales and marketing solutions with Instapage. The company breaks these down by channels and use cases.


Search Ads

Users can create matching landing pages for each ad. They can send visitors to unique pages that match the ad content.

Instapage claims its customers experience an average conversion rate of 16%. Google Ads have an average conversion rate of less than 4% across industries.

Social Ads

With Instapage, users can send people who click on social ads to personalized landing pages. Landing pages convert customers at a higher rate than a homepage or service page.

So sending people to relevant landing pages helps increase conversions. And users can A/B test these pages to optimize conversions.

Display Ads

Users can create unique landing pages for every display ad or group. Building a landing page to match ad messaging often increases advertising ROI.

Use Cases

Lead Generation

Instapage makes it easier for users to generate leads. They can create personalized landing pages for each ad campaign.

Aligning the messaging of pre-click and post-click stages resonates more with people. That increases the chances of capturing high-quality leads.


Users can easily create relevant landing pages for retargeting campaigns. They can do this at scale if necessary, saving time.

Retargeting is a proven way to increase conversions. A matching landing page for campaigns can help boost conversions further.


Landing pages convert at higher rates than product pages. Users can simplify these pages with Instapage and create them quickly.

Why Use ConvertCalculator With Instapage?

With ConvertCalculator, you can create highly-customizable forms and embed them into your Instapage landing pages. And you can integrate interactive content to make landing pages more engaging - no coding needed.

Highly-Customizable Forms

Sometimes a generic form isn’t enough to capture high-quality leads. You often need to gather more information to separate high-intent buyers from time wasters.

That’s where highly-customizable forms from ConvertCalculator make the difference. They let you ask all the right questions and capture more quality leads.

You can take advantage of complex question branching to guide people through forms. From the answers, you can identify high-quality leads.

And you can even embed order forms into your Instapage landing pages with ConvertCalculator. People can order your products directly from the landing page.

That eliminates any more unnecessary steps on the customer journey. For instance, you don’t need to refer customers from the landing page to your main website to order. So you remove a buying barrier, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Interactive Content

Landing pages with interactive content can lead to higher customer satisfaction. They keep visitors engaged and involved in the lead-generation process.

For example, you could embed a test on your Instapage landing page with ConvertCalculator. That lets visitors interact with your page and helps you capture more leads.

Interactive content also helps you gather better customer insights. When customers interact with your content, they answer questions about themselves and get results.

Let’s say you own an accounting business. You could embed an interactive calculator into your Instapage landing page.

The calculator can help visitors estimate their tax payments. And you collect detailed information, allowing you to target them with tailored offers that suit their needs.

Highly-customizable forms and interactive content on your Instapage landing pages open many doors for your business. Take advantage of them with ConvertCalculator.

Instapage: FAQ

Is Instapage worth it?

Instapage pricing is high, starting at $199 per month (annual pricing). The high price means Instapage won’t be worth it for some businesses.

Instapage is often worth it for companies already using PPC advertising and getting good results. Quickly creating landing pages at scale means they can boost conversions from these ads.

What is Instapage used for?

Instapage is a powerful builder for landing pages. It makes creating landing pages at scale fast and easy.

The company aims to help its customers increase conversions from post-click landing pages. With Instapage, users can create relevant landing pages for various ad campaigns.

Users can personalize these landing pages for each ad. So Instapage helps them increase conversions from landing pages.

Is Instapage free?

No, Instapage isn’t free. The company doesn’t offer a free plan in its pricing model.

There are two pricing options. The first starts at $199 per month (annual pricing), while the second is a customized service with the price based on the options you choose.

The lack of a free option is a stumbling block for many who want to use Instapage. They do offer a 14-day free trial, though.

Are pages built with Instapage mobile responsive?

Yes, the pages you build with Instapage are mobile responsive. As you create pages, Instapage lets you view their layout on mobile.

So you can check how the pages look on mobile. And you can test how the landing pages respond on mobile before you publish them.

Do landing pages really work?

Yes, landing pages work. According to Hubspot marketing research, businesses with 10-15 landing pages can increase conversions by 55% compared to those with fewer than 10 landing pages.

But landing pages aren’t a silver bullet that guarantees higher conversions. The content of landing pages plays a role in conversion and lead-generation rates.

For instance, a landing page with interactive content instead of a small generic form can help you generate more leads. Also, a landing page with an order form compared to one without can help you increase conversions.

So consider what content to include on your landing pages. With the right content, you can capture more leads and increase conversions.

Creating the best content for your landing pages is a game changer.

Capture more high-quality leads and increase conversions.