Integrate with Google Sheets

ConvertCalculator is a powerful tool for capturing form submissions. But what do you do after form submission? Although saved in our submission dashboard, you might want to save your form submissions somewhere else. Luckily there is our Google Sheets integration, which makes it possible to save your data to a Google sheet.

Connect your Google Account

You can connect your Google Account in the settings/connections page on your workspace. There you find a "Connect" button in the Google Sheet box. Click that, log in, and select the Google account you want to connect with.

Send data to Google Sheets

The option to send data is available under a button or a link. When you select the button/link, the edit panel appears. There you can add the action flow "Send data to a Google sheet". Now, a new panel appears where you can set your connection when your Google account is successfully connected.

In the panel, you can select:

  • the spreadsheet
  • the worksheet
  • map elements to columns in the worksheet

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