Loading Data In Your Calculator

This article explains how to load data sources through the data menu

Instead of loading data sources, such as tables, through formulas (with the TABLE function), it is now possible to manage this in the data menu.

Note: this feature is experimental. To use it in your calculators you need to toggle the Turn on Experimental Features field in your calculator settings.

Note: currently only ConvertCalculator Tables are supported. More data sources will be added in the future.


The are a multiple reasons why you should prefer the data menu over the traditional approach using functions in your formulas.

  1. It provides a better overview of all your data sources
  2. Data sources can be added through a UI instead of in a function
  3. It can improve performance as all data sources can be loaded in parallel on initialization.


Start by opening the data menu in the secondary navbar.

Then click the Add data source button. Select table from the first dropdown. Now you can select any table from the same workspace as your calculator (if there are no tables, add one in your workspace root).

You can now use the reference in your formulas!

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