Options from Formulas

Learn how to use dynamic option questions with options from formulas.

Instead of manually defining options for list questions, it's possible to generate them. This is especially useful when handling large option sets or when you want to reuse options and values for options across calculators.

In order to generate options for a list question, all you have to do is:

  1. Toggle on "Use Formula for Options"
  2. Write the formula to generate the options in the formula window
  3. Connect the right hand column to the options label (and optionally the same for values, images, and tooltips) via the dropdowns
The data can come from multiple sources, like a datasheet, a GoogleSheet, or a Table. This gives you the following formulas:
GOOGLESHEET("1qYJVonS_caYCc1diSOYb0HM-s5nUyxW6PsfsvzIoJK9I", "2050638375")

Filter options

  1. removing duplicates
  2. filter options based on previous answers


If you have multiple rows with the same labels, it's possible to only show them once. This is an example of how to remove all duplicate items from the first column (A):


Dynamic content

It's also possible to filter out only the options you want by combining it with the FINDMANY function or TABLEFINDMANY function. In this example, only options will be returned where column A in Datasheet A doesn't match "Volvo".

FINDMANY(DA, A, "<>" & "Volvo")


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