Signature Question

Get user’s confirmation on the form with a signature field.


  • Title: Provide a title or question to the signature question, set the title type, and toggle “Title is visible?” to change the visibility on the calculator.
  • Add tooltip: Toggle this option if you want to add a tooltip to the question.
  • Description: You can add a description under the title or question. You can use markdown markups to format.
  • Placeholder: Set an example or a description on the answer field to help users.
  • Is this question required?: Toggle if you want to make it mandatory to answer the dates question.
  • Show/Hide Logic: Toggle this to control if this question is shown or hidden under certain circumstances.
    • Visibility formula: If the result of the formula is TRUE or a number above 0. The question is visible. If the result is FALSE or 0, it’s hidden.

Usage in calculations

  • It returns a value of 1 if the signature is set and a value of 0 if it's not set.

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