Paid plans features

The following chart shows which features are included in each paid plan.

Unlimited calculators
No ConvertCalculator branding*
Monthly visits2,000 p/m10,000 p/m50,000 p/m300,000 p/m
Sumissions200 p/m1,000 p/m10,000 p/m
CTA Checkout30 p/m300 p/m3,000 p/m
File upload file size1 mb10 mb100 mb
🆕 Tables151020
🆕 Engines13510
👨‍💻 Domain whitelisting33310
Basic elements
Button element
Divider element
Container element
Image element
Text element
Title element
Radio question
🆕 Radio group question
Range question
Slider range question
Number range question
Incrementer range question
Radio button question
Checkbox radio question
Dropdown radio question
Button group radio question
Formula element
Formula hides result before submission
Layered Images results
🆕 Datasheets
🆕 Tables
🆕 Egines
CTA Link
Pro elements / features
Radio question has images
Place question
Places question
Date question
Dates questions
Order list question
🆕 State button question
Switch question
Switch switch question
Switch Checkbox Question
File question
🆕 Timeslot question
Text question
Email question
CTA form
CTA form redirect
Zapier integration
Premium elements / features
Conditional show/hide logic
View Break Element
Map list options/items
Coupon Question
Question is visible or hidden based on equation
🆕 Table result element
Signature Question
Custom Question
Settings JS Access
View insights
View interaction data
Track external events
Platinum elements / features
🆕 Custom domains
🆕 Workspace Members
🆕 Table query functions (client)
🆕 Table query functions (server)
👨‍💻 Email authentication element (security)
Layered Images Formula

*This involves the ConvertCalculator branding on embedded calculators. Standalone pages do have a badge included, with the exception of custom domain pages available under our Platinum plan.

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