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Learn how to use Tables. Both for writing and reading data.

In essence, a Table is a simple database. You can add data to the Table with an action flow to send data to the table. That works similar to the integrations we support for Hubspot and GoogleSheets. A Table is available on the workspace level. And therefore can be used with multiple calculators within a workspace.

The ability to write data and the availability outside of a calculator differentiates a Table from a Datasheet.

A Table makes it possible to store submission data from Calculator A, and after submission, show the results in Calculator B. Enabling relatively easy PDF-like outputs or even dashboards.

Table details

In our tables the following data types are implemented:

  • text
  • number
  • email

Note: when your number element has a prefix or postfix like $ or "per month", it becomes a string (text) instead of a number. If you need to send a number to the table, turn it into a variable first.

New data types will be added over time.

Creating table structure

  • click the + button on the right side of the table to add a column
  • click the + button on the bottom left side of the table, or by pressing enter in a table field to add a row.
  • hover the row number and press the garbage bin to delete a row
  • hover the column head to edit or delete a column. You can update the column type and the name.

Writing data to a Table

Writing data to a table works in a similar way to our GoogleSheets and Hubspot integrations. In your calculator, navigate to settings/connect/table and toggle “Sync data to table”. You can then select the table and sync the calculator and table columns.

Reading data from a Table

Please see our documentation on Table-functions to learn how you can use Table data in calculators.