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Build Customer Trust with an Estimate Form

Upfront baseline pricing ensures transparency and builds trust. Every potential customer wants an idea of the price. Give them an estimate to avoid any nasty surprises down the line. Our estimate form uses powerful software for baseline pricing - ensure transparency, foster trust, and boost conversion rates.

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Optimize Processes

Every business owner knows how crucial efficiency is. You can optimize your processes with our estimate form. Our powerful software allows you to include many variables and calculate an estimate in minutes. Potential customers get baseline pricing directly on your website - now that’s efficient!

Improve the Customer Journey

Pricing is often the first thing customers consider. No customer wants to guess at the cost of your products or services. Improve the customer journey with our estimate maker. Transparent pricing puts the customer’s mind at ease and ensures a better customer experience.

Increase Conversions

Transparency builds trust between a business and potential customers. An estimates form removes any nasty surprises when it comes to pricing. Buyers who see the pricing know they’re dealing with a reputable business. That trust often leads to an increase in conversions.

Boost Efficiency by Optimizing Processes

Say goodbye to manual calculations. Our estimate forms automate the calculation process to boost efficiency. You don’t need to go through a time-consuming estimate process anymore. With our estimates maker, your customer can go to your website and enter what they need. Our powerful software calculates an estimate and delivers it instantly. We eliminate any back-and-forth calls or emails between you and your customers, optimizing processes. And manual estimating is prone to errors. But our process ensures accuracy, further boosting efficiency.

Streamlining Estimates Improves the Customer Journey

Our estimate maker removes barriers for your customers. Everything they need for an accurate estimation can be right on your website. There’s no need to call or email. Customers enter what they need and instantly get an estimate. It’s that simple! Our estimate form makes life easier for your clients and helps your business run smoothly. And because it’s so easy to use, potential customers get through the process without confusion. That allows them to engage with your company which builds a connection. Positive engagement with potential customers can lead to closing more sales.

Building Trust to Increase Conversions

An estimates form gives customers a clear understanding of the pricing process. They can see how your business calculates any estimates. That transparency lets people know they can trust your business. In turn, trust in a company can remove any hesitation a potential customer might have when buying its products or services. Estimates also give potential customers an immediate value proposition. Understanding the value your business offers can increase the likelihood of a conversion. When everything is out in the open, people can make informed decisions.

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Features of our Estimate Form

Give potential and current customers instant estimates with our powerful estimate form. Every business wants to improve efficiency, connect with people, and drive more conversions. Hit the mark on all three with an estimates maker on your website.

Feature-Packed Calculator Builder

Create any type of estimate form you want. Choose from extensive question types to meet your specific needs. Beautiful layout and design options allow you to tailor an estimate maker to match your website and brand.

Highly Customizable

Customize an estimate form for any industry. Businesses can set up even the most complex estimations with our form builder. And you can get even better results if you know how to use Excel or Google Spreadsheets. Our estimates form gives you accurate calculations, whether you are estimating the cost of a mortgage or wedding.

Powerful Calculations

Our software helps you make powerful calculations. You can make estimations for a wide range of variables. No matter how complex, our software can handle powerful calculations.

Accept Online Payments

You can accept payments directly from an estimate form. The user can make a down payment on the spot when they receive an estimate. This feature is excellent for converting customers on the spot.

No Coding Skills Required

You can build an estimate form even if you don’t have coding skills. We have made the forms easy to create for average users. And you can even choose from our library of templates, making it even easier.

Any Platform, Anywhere

Set up an estimate maker in minutes on any website or standalone landing page. We integrate with every platform or CMS. And our software is 100% supported on mobile.

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More Benefits of an Estimate Form

As a business owner, you can use an estimate form to optimize processes, improve the customer journey, and increase conversions. Those are phenomenal benefits for your business, but an estimate maker can help you in other ways.

Improved lead generation

An estimate form does more than give customers a pricing estimate for a product or service. It gathers information on your customers as well, capturing their details. An estimate maker on your website can be an excellent way to collect email addresses, for instance.

Your business can use this information to follow up with potential customers. Nurturing leads gives you a better chance of converting customers. An estimate maker starts the conversation while the information you gather continues it.

Better business analysis

With an estimate form, you can collect data on customer preferences, behaviors, and needs. Such information is golden when it comes to sales and marketing strategies.

Businesses can analyze this data to identify trends and patterns. Understanding your customers means you can target and engage them more effectively.

Improve pricing structure

Businesses can improve their pricing by using an estimate form. They can collect data on estimates that lead to sales and those that don’t.

An estimate on a product or service that rarely leads to a sale may need to be examined more closely. Customers could feel like the pricing is too high, so they don’t act on the estimate.

Business owners can analyze this data for patterns. They can then improve the pricing structure as they see fit.

More accurate forecasting

Analyzing data from estimate forms can lead to more accurate forecasting for sales and revenue. An estimates maker gives business owners a better idea of what customers want. This can help companies make better decisions in areas like inventory management.

The Power Behind Our Estimate Form

The combination of our Formula and the Show/Hide Logic provides the power behind our estimate form. You can easily create complex estimates with this powerful software.


The formula is an expression that calculates a value. It has input arguments and returns an output depending on the input. Calculations can be tied to simple inputs, such as the value of a number field, commonly used in estimate forms.

But some formulas need a large dataset as an input. This is the case for more complex estimates. Don’t let that intimidate you, though. Our Datasheets are similar to Excel spreadsheets, with a simplified design. You can create a datasheet from scratch or copy and paste data from an Excel file.

Popular functions in our estimate forms include IF, AND, and OR. These make almost anything possible when creating an estimate maker.

Show/Hide Logic

Our Show/Hide Logic allows you to create interactive estimate forms that adapt to how a customer answers a question. This feature ensures you can integrate accurate estimate forms into your website.

ConvertCalculator allows you to create an estimate maker with multiple branches. You can show or hide fields based on previous answers.

Our Show/Hide Logic sets us apart from other form builders. Want to build complex estimate forms that are also user-friendly? No problem. Our forms combine the simplicity of Typeforms with the power of Excel.

Frequently Asked Questions About Estimate Forms

How to create an estimate form?

Choosing a ConvertCalculator temple is one way to create an estimate form. We have many templates relating to different industries to choose from.

Building one from scratch is another way to create a form. You can also do that through ConvertCalculator using our powerful software. But you should consider the following:

  • Parameters - this is the first consideration when creating an estimate form from scratch. You must determine the parameters that will be used to calculate the estimate. For instance, a catering company might use the number of people, meals, drinks, and staff as parameters for an estimate.

  • Design - this is an important factor when creating an estimate maker. You need to choose the layout and design elements. It’s best to choose a design that complements your website.

  • Input - you must input the parameters from step one. These will be used to gather information to calculate the estimate. Inputting the parameters can involve creating calculation formulas, depending on your needs.

  • Testing - this is a crucial step when creating an estimate form. You must ensure the form works properly and gives accurate estimates.

  • Integration - this step involves integrating the form into your website. Our software allows you to do this in minutes and works with every platform or CMS.

What is an estimate form?

An estimate form is a tool that helps businesses or individuals calculate an estimated value from specific inputs. Often, this value is the price of a product or service, but not always. The value could also be the amount of time a journey could take.

The calculation typically involves gathering information from the user. They answer questions on a form, and the software generates an estimate from the answers.

Various industries, such as construction and consulting, use estimate forms to make calculations. They give customers an estimated cost for business services and are often integrated into websites or apps.

What is an example of an estimate?

An example of an estimate is an event planner giving an estimated cost to a customer for a party. The estimate might consider the following factors:

-Number of guests

  • Catering - meals, desserts, and drinks
  • Supplementary services - music, decorations, and staff.

The customer answers the questions on the form. Once completed, they get an estimate of the cost for the party. The purpose of an estimate form is to give the customer an idea of how much the party might cost. It’s an estimate of the baseline price, so the customer can make an informed decision about the service.

What are the types of estimates?

There are five types of estimates commonly used throughout different industries. These estimates are preliminary, detailed, bid, unit, and parametric.

  1. Preliminary Estimate - this is a rough estimate generally related to the cost of a project or service. It is based on limited information and gives a customer an idea of pricing before more detailed information becomes available.

  2. Detailed Estimate - this is a more precise calculation based on detailed information. It accounts for all the relevant costs and factors that can impact the final costs. For instance, a solar company could include the difficulty of a particular job in a detailed estimate.

  3. Bid Estimate - a contractor or service provider can give this estimate as part of a bidding process. It is a competitive estimate designed to win business.

  4. Unit Estimate - this is a cost estimate based on a specific unit of measurement. For instance, a flooring company might give an estimate based on the cost per square meter. The cost per hour is another example of a unit estimate.

  5. Parametric Estimate - this type of estimate uses statistical data to give customers the estimated cost of a project or service. The company might look at the cost of a similar project to make the estimate.