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Maximize online orders

Collect more online orders through a genuinely seamless and engaging experience.

Blends right in

The order form blends right into your current website; you have complete control over how your online order form looks.

Collect payments

Accept online payments with our Stripe payment integration and use your desired payment method.


Build beautiful online order forms

Build any online order form with our order form builder. Here are some examples of what others have built with ConvertCalculator's form builder

Farmer's market Order Form example

and more

Features for online order forms

You can get started in minutes, and all the features you need are built-in to create a powerful order form.

Feature packed order forms

Create any type order form you want, with extensive question types and beautiful layout and design options.

Powerful conditional logic

Do you know how to use Excel or Google Spreadsheets? Then you can add conditional logic to set up powerful form branching.

Collect payments

Collect payments directly in your order form. Perfect for down payments or converting leads to customers on the spot.

Powerful integrations

Integrate with your favorite CRM or marketing tool through Zapier. We integrate with 1000+ apps.

No-code form builder

You don't have to have technical skills to create and deploy your order form.

Any platform, anywhere

Set up your order form on any website or use our standalone landing page. ConvertCalculator integrates with every platform—100% mobile support.

what they say

What actual customers have to say about using an order form

Since 2017 people have been telling us how ConvertCalculator has helped them to capture more orders with an order form. Here are a few highlights.

"As for my experience, the calculator has been a huge help. It only took about 10 minutes to figure everything out and add to my Squarespace site. I really love how the design adapts to my website. But most importantly, it helped me grow sales!"
Graham Deurance
CEO Lawyer Graham

5 out of 5 stars

"Wow! ConvertCalulator has enabled us to take a complex freemium pricing model and make it super-easy for our prospects to understand. I was able to build, install and customise the tool, without any dev assistance."
Matthew Jones
Marketing Manager Evaluagent

5 out of 5 stars

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Common Online Order Form Builder Questions

What is an order form?

An online order form is a particular calculator form used when a customer places an order on a website. It's a way to sell online without investing time and money in a webshop. It's comparable to a price quote calculator. Still, it is mainly used for less complex pricing and the purchase of multiple products.

What is the purpose of an order form?

The primary purpose of an order form is to automate the ordering process for products. It's typically used by businesses that do "make to order" (MTO) or sometimes called "made to order". When an order form is submitted, the product is made.

How can my business benefit from an order form?

There are three main benefits of using an order form for your business:

  1. Save time by automating your order forms (no more calls or emails!)
  2. Delight your customers by creating a smooth ordering experience
  3. Increase revenue by maximizing the conversion rates of your order forms

How do I create my own order form?

Building an online order form is easy with ConvertCalculator's order form builder. You can create an order form for your website and collect orders in minutes! Before starting, ensure you have an overview of all your products and prices. Then go to our form builder to get started building your form. You can create one from scratch or choose one of our free premium templates.

What types of fields should my order form include?

To create a simple order form, the first thing you should do is add fields to select the product(s) (or configuration of the product(s)). We have a lot of built-in field elements you can use to collect this order information.

Next up, you want to collect customer information, such as contact details (name, email, phone number) and delivery details (order shipping details if you send the product). Think about any other necessary details you need to capture for your order form.

Also, make sure you add a total price element and a call to action button to make sure you can process orders online. Lastly, you want to customize a confirmation message to give feedback to your customer.

How can I make my order form extra powerful?

Here are a couple of extra things you can do to make your order form more powerful:

  1. Collect online payments to automate your payment flow;
  2. Design an order details block that acts as an order summary;
  3. Send a confirmation email to your customer when you accept orders;
  4. Automatically send order data to your favorite software tool using Zapier integration;
  5. If you sell configurable products, add show/hide logic to create order forms that offer advanced logic jumps and form branching.

Can I embed an order form on my WordPress site?

Yes, you can create WordPress order forms. Go to your WordPress dashboard, go to the plugin section, and add the "ConvertCalculator" plugin to get started.

Can I use ConvertCalculator as an alternative to Google Forms for creating an order form?

Yes, you can! Google forms is a great free order form builder, but creating online order forms that need more advanced field types is impossible. For that, you need a form editor like ConvertCalculator. Other reasons for not using a google order form are the need to add custom CSS, and accept payments online.

What to do after you've collected an order?

Once you've set up your order form, it is vital to consider what to do next. At the very least, you want to send your customer an automatic order confirmation email after submitting an order form. Or do you want to add the customer details to your CRM? You may want to sync the order with your accounting software. All these things can be accomplished with ConvertCalculator too.