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Build an impressive Wix calculator for your website - without coding skills. Handle complex pricing models, cover intricate shipping costs, and offer product configurators on your Wix website.

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With great power comes great responsibility.

ConvertCalculator has impressive power. So, we’ll say this responsibly: You can create nice Wix forms for your website.

But we also have a responsibility to tell you about the weaknesses of Wix calculator forms. They cover the basics but can’t handle more complex use cases - unless you can code. And in the Wix editor, customizing forms to your liking is difficult.

ConvertCalculator makes building powerful Wix calculators, order forms, and product configurators easy. You don’t need any coding skills to harness that power. Boost sales without pulling your hair out or paying expensive developers.

  • Build quoting calculators for complex pricing models
  • Create product configurators to showcase items
  • Use our powerful conditional logic
  • Create multi-step forms
  • And more

Setting up calculator forms for Wix is easy

Create your free account

Create your free ConvertCalculator account here. You don’t need to supply credit card details to get started. Your account is free forever until you have over 100 visitors to your calculator per month. Once signed up, you're ready to create your first Wix calculator.

Choose a template

Find a template to suit your needs here and tailor it to your business by adjusting the calculator settings. Or follow the instructions to create your calculator form from scratch using our drag-and-drop form builder.

Load your forms

Once your calculators are ready to go, you can embed or integrate them onto your Wix website.


Embedding your calculator form directly to your Wix website takes only a few minutes. Follow these instructions to embed your form.


You can integrate your calculator using Zapier. Click here to learn how.

Now you’re ready to close more sales - it’s that easy.

Embed or Integrate?

Whether you embed or integrate depends on your needs.

Embedding is placing one item (your form) within another (your Wix website). Do this if you don't need to integrate with external data.

If you need to synchronize data --- for example, to accept payments--- you must integrate forms to allow the data exchange. Both methods are simple and quick.

Make selling easier with ConvertCalculator

Wix lets you make professional websites to showcase your services or sell your products. Everything looks great. And you can create basic Wix calculator forms for your website.

But sometimes you need Wix forms with more juice. Basic doesn’t work for everyone, especially those with complex pricing models or who sell configurable products.

So, commerce and service businesses with complex offerings need a more dynamic Wix calculator. Do you have an intricate pricing model? You need a calculator that handles large data sets with ease.

You might allow your customers to configure products themselves. That takes heaps of power under the hood - you need ConvertCalculator. Create complex product configurators without coding skills.

The ConvertCalculator difference

Instant price quote calculators: You can set up an instant quote calculator on your site, no matter how complex your pricing model is. Automate your entire quoting and booking process, saving time and reducing stress.

Product configurators: Let your visitors customize their products. Let them select various options like color, size, or features. It gives visitors an interactive shopping experience. Simplify custom orders, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce the risk of errors in the order process.

Interactive calculators: Delight website visitors with an interactive Wix calculator. You can create finance calculators, RIO calculators, or sustainability calculators. Let customers get instant, personalized results and educate them about your products.

Form branching: Conditional logic lets you show or hide form fields based on your customers’ responses. Build advanced decision trees with custom formulas. Sometimes you just need more power to create booking forms your customers love.

Multi-page/multi-step forms: Build multi-step Wix forms for your website that blend seamlessly with your branding.

What can you do with ConvertCalculator on Wix?

ConvertCalculator gives you more power and flexibility than the basic Wix forms. You can create complex shipping calculators, order forms with conditional logic, and interactive content like quizzes and surveys.

Wix shipping calculator

You can already use third-party apps to offer real-time shipping rates on your Wix site. These apps are separate from your Wix account, so they cost extra. Also, you must set up shipping rules separately from your forms before integrating the app.

With ConvertCalculator, you simply create the Wix shipping calculator with your form. They don’t need to be different entities, so you can forget the hassle of merging them.

ConvertCalculator can go toe-to-toe with any shipping calculator around. It can handle even the most complex calculations you might need for your Wix shipping calculator.

Wix quotes

Within Wix, you can create manual quotes and send them to customers. But you can’t currently make a price quote with Wix Automations. Also, you can’t customize these manual quotes before sending them to customers.

That’s a huge con for business owners who want to automate their quote pricing process. Automating quoting is such a time saver.

Luckily, ConvertCalculator excels in price quoting. Set up your calculator form, embed it onto your website, and your Wix quotes are ready.

Wix order form

You can set up basic order forms on Wix without coding skills. To set up more advanced forms, you must use Velo by Wix. But this requires technical skills because you combine different input fields with lines of code.

The standard Wix forms have fields like text boxes, drop-down lists, checkboxes, radio buttons, submission buttons, and a feedback message when the user hits submit. It does the job if your needs are basic.

Those with more complex needs demand a powerful Wix order form. That calls for ConvertCalculator. Create order forms to handle the most complex pricing models - without coding skills. Make it easy for your customers to click that “Buy Now” button with a Wix order form.

Wix quiz

Adding a quiz to your site with Wix isn’t easy. You need to add the HTML code for the quiz using the HTML code element. So, you need some coding skills.

ConvertCalculator does the heavy lifting for you. Create any type of quiz you want, without knowing coding.

Choose one of our templates or use the drag-and-drop builder to make your quiz. Embedding it is as easy as finding ice in the Arctic.

Now you have a Wix quiz to capture leads, engage your audience, and increase brand awareness.

Wix survey

Within the Wix editor, you currently don’t have the option to add a survey to your website. But online surveys are an excellent way to engage with customers and get their feedback. So what can you do?

You already know the answers. Build your online survey with ConvertCalculator and embed it into your Wix website.

You can have a Wix survey ready to go in minutes, not hours. Start boosting customer engagement and analyzing feedback to improve your services.

Wix sales and marketing tools

You get various sales and marketing tools with Wix.


Wix Payments is a native payment method. So, you don’t need to set up a third-party payment provider. It’s not available in some regions, but you can set up another payment option on Wix worldwide in that case.

Multi-channel sales

You can sell wherever your customers are with multi-channel sales. Sell to customers in person, on the web, mobile, Facebook, Instagram and online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

Point of sale

This lets you accept payments your brick-and-mortar store, for bookings anywhere with Wix Mobile POS, as well as sell tickets at the door. But it’s only available to users based in the U.S. and Canada connected to Wix Payments.

Analytics and reports

Wix Analytics lets you track visitor behavior and get revenue reports. It offers tailored recommendations on how you can improve your site.

Business tools

Wix has free branding tools to help you create your brand. Its free marketing tools let you promote your business. And other tools help you grow your business.

Event creation

You can build an event website with Wix. It has features like ticket sales & RSVPs, attendance tracking and management, and onsite event management to help you oversee events.

SEO readiness

Wix websites have a solid infrastructure for search engines, giving you a strong SEO foundation to compete in organic search. Wix also has some marketing tools baked in. But if you want the real goodies, you need to look for integrations such as ConvertCalculator.

and more

Accept Online Payments

Accept online payments directly from a calculator. Perfect for down payments or converting leads to customers on the spot.

Powerful conditional logic

Create complex question branching with our powerful conditional logic. Present complex pricing models simply.

No coding skills needed

You don't need coding skills to create and launch your calculators with our software. Create dynamic forms in minutes, not hours.

Feature-packed calculators

Build any type of form or calculator for your Wix website. The potential is almost limitless.

Highly customizable

It’s easy to customize an interactive calculator to match your branding. Seamlessly make it a part of your Wix website.

Integrate using Zapier

An easy integration process will have you up and running smoothly.

Time you had powerful calculators on your Wix site?

Get the ball rolling with ConvertCalculator’s no-code builder.

Wix calculator builder FAQ

How to add a calculator on a Wix website?

You can add a web calculator on Wix by using our calculator builder. Choose from different templates and create your own Wix calculator without writing any code. You can now easily add the calculator to your Wix website. Just copy and paste the embed-code on your Wix website and you're ready to go!

How to add a mortgage calculator on Wix?

You can add a mortgage calculator on Wix by choosing our Mortgage Calculator template. Edit the formulas, finetune the questions to your own business and embed the calculator on your Wix website.

How to build an estimate calculator in Wix?

You can build an estimate calculator in Wix by using our Wix Calculator builder. Choose what you want to ask your visitors, create the necessary formulas and embed the estimate calculator to your Wix editor. Just copy the embed code out of ConvertCalculators' builder, embed the calculator in Wix and you're set. All of your visitors can now request or calculate an estimate!

Why you should embed a calculator on your Wix Website?

ConvertCalculator helps small businesses grow sales and reduce hassle. A good example is AG auto transport. By providing AG with a possibility to create an embeddable calculator, they can offer instant pricing to their customers. This means more leads and thus more sales.

ConvertCalculator gives you the tools to build an instant price quote generator, savings calculator, product configurator or order form. By adding checkout you can even let your website visitors pay directly via the calculator. You don't need any technical skills and you can integrate the calculator on your website in minutes! ConvertCalculator integrates easily with Wix. Easy as pie!