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With over 119 million websites published, Wix is the most popular website builder in 2018. It's understandable because it's packed with interactive features, the drag-and-drop editor and amazing templates to choose from. The only thing missing is a calculator builder to create engagement and generate leads or sales. Use our Wix calculator builder to build your own custom Wix Calculator. From your own custom-made Wix order form to an instant quote tool! Let users calculate quotes for your products or services within seconds. ConvertCalculator's calculator form is easy to embed on any Wix website.


Why is Wix a good website builder choice?

It's user-friendly

The thing that makes Wix so great is that one of the most user-friendly website builders out there. Wix claims that "anyone can do it". They have an easy to use editor that gives you the flexibility to create a webdsite just as you like it. The drag and drop editor makes it easy to pick elements (such as images, text, contact forms and other cool stuff) and place them on exactly the place that you want them to be. You absolutely don't need any technical skills.

Lot's of templates

Wix can be used to create websites for a lot of businesses! It doesn't matter if you have a restaurant, cafe, hotel or small business, if you are a designer, photographer or musician, you can definitely find an awesome template for your new website. With over 500 templates you will definitely find something that suits your needs. If not, no problem, there are a lot of professionals that can help you out as well.

Search engine readiness

Another good thing to know is that Wix has got you covered SEO wise. Wix is search engine friendly. This doesn't mean you will hit the top 10 in Google out of the box, but it's a nice start. Wix also has some marketing tools baked in, but if you want the real goodies, you need to look for integrations such as ConvertCalculator.


Wix has a free plan, but if you really want the good stuff you need to pay. Prices start at €4.50 / US$6 a month. For €12.50 / US$ 15 a month you get unlimited everything. If you need eCommerce, you pay €16.50 / US$20 a month.

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How to add a calculator on a Wix website?

You can add a web calculator on Wix by using our calculator builder. Choose from different templates and create your own Wix calculator without writing any code. You can now easily add the calculator to your Wix website. Just copy and paste the embed-code on your Wix website and you're ready to go!

How to add a mortgage calculator on Wix?

You can add a mortgage calculator on Wix by choosing our Mortgage Calculator template. Edit the formulas, finetune the questions to your own business and embed the calculator on your Wix website.

How to build an estimate calculator in Wix?

You can build an estimate calculator in Wix by using our Wix Calculator builder. Choose what you want to ask your visitors, create the necessary formulas and embed the estimate calculator to your Wix editor. Just copy the embed code out of ConvertCalculators' builder, embed the calculator in Wix and you're set. All of your visitors can now request or calculate an estimate!

Why you should embed a calculator on your Wix Website?

ConvertCalculator helps small businesses grow sales and reduce hassle. A good example is AG auto transport. By providing AG with a possibility to create an embeddable calculator, they can offer instant pricing to their customers. This means more leads and thus more sales.

ConvertCalculator gives you the tools to build an instant price quote generator, savings calculator, product configurator or order form. By adding checkout you can even let your website visitors pay directly via the calculator. You don't need any technical skills and you can integrate the calculator on your website in minutes! ConvertCalculator integrates easily with Wix. Easy as pie!