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Create a calculator form for your Squarespace website - without coding skills. Build Squarespace forms, quizzes, product configurators, and more.

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Squarespace is a popular platform for building websites. Whether you blog, sell products, or create landing pages to capture leads, you’ll need forms and calculators for Squarespace.

ConvertCalculator makes it easy to embed forms on your Squarespace website. Our powerful form builder lets you create interactive calculators, conditional forms, product configurators, quizzes, and more.

Our Squarespace form builder is easy to use - no coding skills needed. You can create Squarespace custom forms and integrate them with 1000+ apps.

  • Build quoting calculators for complex pricing models
  • Create product configurators to promote items
  • Use our powerful conditional logic
  • Build multi-step forms
  • Accept file uploads
  • Take payments
  • And more

Setting up calculator forms for Squarespace is easy

Create your free account

Create your free ConvertCalculator account here. You don’t need to supply credit card details to get started. Your account is free forever until you have over 100 visitors to your calculator per month. Once signed up, you're ready to create your first Squarespace calculator.

Choose a template

Find a template to suit your needs here and tailor it to your business by adjusting the calculator settings. Or follow the instructions to create your calculator form from scratch using our drag-and-drop form builder.

Load your forms

Once your calculators are ready to go, you can embed or integrate them onto your Squarespace website.


Embedding your calculator form directly to your Squarespace website takes only a few minutes. Follow these instructions to embed your form.


You can integrate your calculator using Zapier. Click here to learn how.

Now you’re ready to close more sales - it’s that easy.

Embed or Integrate?

Whether you embed or integrate depends on your needs.

Embedding is placing one item (your form) within another (your Squarespace website). Do this if you don't need to integrate with external data.

If you need to synchronize data—for example, to accept payments—you must integrate forms to allow the data exchange. Both methods are simple and quick.

Squarespace form builder made easy

Create online forms, customized to your branding and needs, and easily embed them in your Squarespace site. Use our simple drag-and-drop builder to make dynamic Squarespace calculator forms to capture more leads and increase conversions. The best part? You don’t need any technical or coding skills.

Squarespace calculator form

Build and integrate an interactive Squarespace calculator into your website in minutes. Interactive calculators engage your customers, optimize lead generation and conversions with price quoting, and can handle your entire sales process on autopilot. Interactive calculators you can easily create with ConvertCalculator are:

Squarespace order form

You can create the right Squarespace order form no matter how complex your pricing model or products are. Our order form builder helps you convert more website traffic into customers. We make it easy to accept payments so you can maximize online orders. ConvertCalculator also makes creating online booking forms simple. No matter how varied or complex your service offerings are, our booking forms have the power to handle it. You can have a Squarespace booking form on your website in minutes.

Squarespace custom forms

We know you want to customize forms to match your branding. ConvertCalculator forms are highly customizable. You can create Squarespace custom forms to look precisely how you want them. Make sure customers notice your brand from your forms.

Squarespace conditional forms

Our powerful conditional logic and FormulaScript allow you to create dynamic forms to suit your every need. You can build multi-step forms to engage customers and guide them through the sales process.

  • Hide results until after submission
  • Reduce friction with auto-advance
  • Break up forms to boost conversions

Squarespace product configurator

Those selling complex products on their Squarespace site may need a product configurator. It allows your customer to configure, price, and quote products for their convenience. And your customers can visualize products on your website with a product configurator. Giving your website visitors this option improves:

  • Quoting efficiency and accuracy
  • The customer experience
  • Conversion rates

Get interactive with your Squarespace content

Interactive content grabs attention and engages your website visitors. It helps you to generate more leads and ultimately convert more customers.

Squarespace quiz

With ConvertCalculator’s free quiz maker for Squarespace, you can automate lead generation and qualification with a quiz. Having an interactive Squarespace quiz on your website lets you funnel leads on autopilot.

  • Collect and qualify leads effortlessly
  • Interact and engage with your audience
  • Increase brand awareness with customization

Squarespace survey

An online survey is an excellent way to get feedback from your customers. Surveys give you a window into your customers’ minds, allowing you to adjust your sales and marketing strategies to meet their needs. ConvertCalculator lets you create a Squarespace survey for your site without coding skills. You can go as in-depth with your questions as you like, learning more about your customers from their answers.

Why use ConvertCalculator with Squarespace?

By now, you know that you can create beautiful-looking websites with Squarespace. You can take your website up another notch by integrating interactive content built with ConvertCalculator. Interactive content will lead to:

  • Enhanced engagement: By using ConvertCalculator to create interactive content, you can engage your website visitors and encourage them to interact with your brand. This helps you improve customer loyalty and boost conversions.
  • Increased lead generation: ConvertCalculator's lead funnels and quizzes help you with lead generation. Capture valuable information about your website's visitors, such as their contact details and preferences. This can help you build your email marketing list and generate more leads for your business. The difference between regular lead funnels and interactive ones is that the latter offers value in return for information. ConvertCalculator's unique calculation and logic engine called FormulaScript makes this possible.
  • Improved sales and conversions: Calculator forms and price quote calculators can help your website visitors make more informed buying decisions. They provide customers with personalized product recommendations and pricing information. This can help to increase sales and conversions on your Squarespace website.
  • Enhanced user experience: By using ConvertCalculator to create interactive content, you can improve the user experience on your Squarespace website. Making your site more engaging and enjoyable for visitors increases customer satisfaction and improves retention.

Squarespace sales and marketing solutions

Squarespace offers a range of sales and marketing tools to help users grow their businesses. Here are some of the main tools and solutions Squarespace offers:

Customizable online stores

Squarespace offers customizable online stores. This allows you to easily sell products and services directly from your website. The platform has customizable product pages, payment gateways, inventory management, and shipping integrations.

Email marketing

Create and send newsletters, promotional emails, and other marketing messages to your customers with Squarespace email marketing tools. The platform includes customizable email templates, email automation, and integration with popular email marketing services.

Social media integration

You can easily integrate popular social media platforms - such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram - with your website. It lets you share your content, engage with your audience on social media, and track the performance of your social media marketing campaigns.

Analytics and reporting

Squarespace includes analytics and reporting tools that allow you to track key metrics like website traffic, conversions, and revenue. This information helps you understand your customers and make data-driven decisions about your marketing and sales strategies.

However, Squarespace lacks some of the more advanced sales and marketing tools and solutions available on other platforms. For example, the platform does not offer:

  • A/B testing
  • Lead generation forms
  • Advanced marketing automation

Additionally, Squarespace integrations with third-party sales and marketing tools are more limited. You may need to use other platforms or tools like ConvertCalculator with Squarespace for more advanced sales and marketing features.

and more

Accept Online Payments

Accept online payments directly from a calculator. Perfect for down payments or converting leads to customers on the spot.

Powerful conditional logic

Create complex question branching with our powerful conditional logic. Present complex pricing models simply.

No coding skills needed

You don't need coding skills to create and launch your calculators with our software. Create dynamic forms in minutes, not hours.

Feature-packed calculators

Build any type of form or calculator for your Squarespace website. The potential is almost limitless.

Highly customizable

It’s easy to customize an interactive calculator to match your branding. Seamlessly make it a part of your Squarespace website.

Integrate using Zapier

An easy integration process will have you up and running smoothly.

Ready to capture more leads and boost conversions?

Create dynamic Squarespace forms, calculators, and quizzes in minutes.

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Squarespace calculator and form builder FAQ

How to create a web calculator on Squarespace

You can create a web calculator on Squarespace by using our calculator builder. Choose from different templates and create your own Squarespace calculator with our easy-to-use drag & drop form builder. Anyone, with or without coding experience, can create a Squarespace calculator within seconds.

How do I create a custom calculator in Squarespace?

Creating a custom calculator in Squarespace is easy with ConvertCalculator. There is a library of premium templates to choose from, which you can customize. Or you can build a custom calculator from scratch. Once you create your custom Squarespace calculator, you simply embed it into your website.

How do I embed a calculator into my Squarespace website?

Embedding a calculator in a Squarespace website is easy. Here’s how:

Getting the calculator Navigate to the ConvertCalculator app. Go to your calculator editor by clicking on your calculator's title. Click on the button "Embed on your website" (floppy disk icon) at the top of the page. Click on the code found in the pane and copy it.

Displaying the calculator If you are not in the page editor of the page where you want to integrate the calculator, head over to it by clicking on the page title in the left sidebar.

When you move your mouse over your page's content, a black menu appears called "Page Content". Click on "Edit". Go to the place you want to embed the calculator and click on the black "drop" to add a "Content Block". Select the "Code" content block.

Paste the embed script (copied in step 4 of "Getting the calculator") in the content block. Replace existing code. Make sure that the "Display Source" checkbox is NOT checked and that the language is set to HTML.

Important: Scripts are disabled in preview mode. This means that, while editing page content, the calculator will not be visible. To view the calculator, you need to save your content, exit the editor and refresh the page. Congratulations! You have a working calculator on your Squarespace website.

Can you create custom forms on Squarespace?

Yes, you can create custom forms on Squarespace by using ConvertCalculator’s no-code form builder. With an array of templates to choose from, you can choose one and customize it to your needs. Alternatively, you can create a custom form from scratch with our drag-and-drop editor. It’s easy!

Will ConvertCalculator work on Squarespace?

Squarespace and ConvertCalculator work together seamlessly. After creating the calculator for your website you just have to "embed" it via a code-block on the Squarespace editor. Follow the simple steps in the editor to make it happen.