Integrate with Webhooks

Learn how to use webhooks to integrate ConvertCalculator with whatever tools or service your company uses.

A very powerful way of integrating calculator submissions with other tools is to use webhooks. The beauty of webhooks is that you don't have to poll data (like the way Zapier connects tools). Instead, we send an HTTP request to whatever service you use whenever a calculator form is submitted.

Creating a Webhook

It's super easy to create a new webhook:

  1. Select button: in the calculator builder, select the button that should include the Webhook
  2. Add the Webhook action to the button: in the button panel, add the action "Add data to Webhook"
  3. Configure the Webhook: enter the URL of the service you want to connect with. This is probably an API endpoint or a lambda function.

Everything is set up correctly. Whenever there is a calculator form submission, an HTTP request will be sent to this endpoint.

Event Types


Right now, we only support one event type, namely submissions.created. The submissions.created event occurs every time someone submits a calculator form. This is the object we send to your URL on submission:

{ "type": "submissions.created", "data": { "object": { "_id": "498jcqjmdsYEr9Lsi", "fields": [ { "label": "No", "value": 0, "isHidden": false, "itemId": "fJpszAr4L6HjNzt7X", "name": "Switch Question", "reference": "QA", "collection": "questions", "type": "switch" }, { "label": "50", "value": 50, "isHidden": false, "itemId": "H74QeZmWaGzoqCiob", "name": "Range Question", "reference": "QB", "collection": "questions", "type": "range" }, { "label": "sdfdsf", "value": 1, "data": { "text": "Michael Bluth" }, "isHidden": false, "itemId": "niof4JDqtjK9C2caw", "name": "Name Question", "reference": "QC", "collection": "questions", "type": "textField" }, { "label": "", "value": 1, "data": { "email": "" }, "isHidden": false, "itemId": "CNDghotH8bjuptQK4", "name": "Email Question", "reference": "QD", "collection": "questions", "type": "email" }, { "label": "1,000", "value": 1000, "isHidden": true, "itemId": "euJZie5fQLMGChriQ", "name": "Total Price", "reference": "FA", "collection": "formulas", "type": "formula", "data": { "result": 1000, "resultFormatted": "1,000", "resultFormattedFull": "1,000" } } ], "isProduction": true, "submissionNumber": 2, "createdAt": "2022-03-21T13:26:30.463Z" } } }

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