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Automate your sales process

Implement the right sales tools and you automate a visitors path to conversion. This saves you time and resources

Maximize profits and conversions

Guide your leads through the buyer journey with ConvertCalculator and maximize the potential of your sales funnel.

Customize the buying journey

With ConvertCalculator it's easy to segment your website visitors and offer them customized buying journeys


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What real customers have to say about our free funnel builder

""It is a great sales funnel tool with the possibility of really advanced calculations and optimisations. Excellent customer service! Great tool, with a lot of potential!""
Ivan P.
CRM Consultant

4.6 out of 5 stars

"The process is uncomplicated for the main part, but the customer service is really good when you do get stuck. On a journey to automate customer facing processes, CC has been really helpful."
Martin C.
IT Manager

4.2 out of 5 stars

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Stuff you can build with ConvertCalculator

Landing Pages

Create feature rich landing pages to grab attention from your visitors quickly

Lead Capture Forms

Build beautiful lead capture forms to capture basic information at the start of the buying process

Personalized email marketing

Send personalized emails to your soon-to-be customers based on the information you've captured


Quote Forms

Once your leads are ready to request a price quote, sent them a price quote calculator to get them closer to signing the deal

Send Proposals

Automatically send out proposal documents whenever a quote form (or lead capture form) is submitted

Payment Forms

Close the sale directly from a form or landing page by capturing payments

Setup our sales funnel software today to maximize profit and delight your customers

Use our sales funnel builder to automate your sales funnel and convert more online visitors into customers. It's the best way to maximize profits, reduce time spent and delight your customers.

Common questions about sales funnel software

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is the path a prospect travels between "being interested" and being a paying (converted) customer. This process is also described as the "buying journey". It's basically the sum of all the stages in the sales process. It's important to think about the sales process holistically in the form of a "funnel" to maximize sales potential.

What are the different stages in a sales funnel?

A great modal to use to describe the different stages of a sales funnel is to use the AIDA model:

  1. Awareness: People become aware of your product.
  2. Interest: People get a serious interested into using your product
  3. Desire (or decision): People get the desire to use it / make the decision to buy it.
  4. Action: People take action and buy your product.

The wider the funnel (the more people end up taking action), the better.

Why do I need a free funnel builder?

A sales funnel builder is an integrated tool that businesses use to manage a sales funnel. Most software tools only offer solutions for a specific part of the sales funnel (e.g. quizzes, lead capture forms, price quotes, proposal software, product configurators or payments). ConvertCalculator's sales funnel software offer all the sales and marketing tools you need for the entire sales funnel. By using just one tool, your funnel is fully integrated, which means more delighted customers and less software spent.