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Maximize Profits

When customers can make a booking request directly on your website, it increases the chances of you converting them. Say hi to more profits!

Automate Processes

Automation increases the efficiency of your business and saves time. Eliminate the need for back-and-forth communication with our powerful booking forms. Welcome to smooth selling!

Delight Customers

An online booking form improves the customer journey and the buying process and saves your customers time. In today’s time-poor world, that’s sure to thrill them.

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"Best custom calculator generator I've found! Great! This calculator is a cornerstone of our website and sales generation and has worked very well for our needs. Highly recommended."
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5 out of 5 stars

"Amazing - This is drastically improved our business. It's made internal processes easier, streamlined, consistent & error-proof, whilst instilling confidence in our clients when we send them reports."
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Grow Your Business by Maximizing Profits

Leave awkward booking procedures in the past where they belong. Ensure a seamless process that engages customers when they want to make a booking request. Make it easy for customers to buy when they’re in the buying mood - boost profits!

Most people will put things off if given the opportunity. Imagine a potential customer likes your services but notices they must call or email to make a booking. That barrier sets the stage for one of humanity’s favorite pastimes…procrastination!

Our booking form removes that barrier to buying. Customers can book your services on the spot without hesitation. More conversions. Maximum profits.

Automating Processes Saves Everyone Time

Our booking forms automate buying and selling processes. They save you and your customers time - it’s a win-win situation.

You can add a beautiful online booking form to your website in minutes. Whether you build one from scratch or choose a booking form template, you can adapt the style to match your brand. Integration is seamless and fast. Once the booking slip is on your website, it saves everyone time. Eliminating the need for back-and-forth communication between you and your customers.

Automation allows you and your staff to focus on other parts of the business. Our powerful software takes care of the booking process. Take back your time with our booking slips.

Delighting Customers Boosts Retention

Happy customers make for a healthy business. That’s because delighting your customers boosts client retention. An excellent user experience is crucial for your online success. Making processes convenient for customers keeps them smiling.

Delighted customers keep coming back.

Our booking forms streamline the booking process for your customers. It’s like sailing on calm waters as opposed to rough seas. We know which one we prefer. And we’re confident your customers feel the same way. Make it smooth sailing for them with our online booking form. It costs businesses less to retain customers than to attract new ones, minimizing your costs.

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Feature-Packed Booking Forms

Build any type of booking form to suit your needs. Choosing from substantial question types means you can meet your specific business needs. Customize booking slips to match your brand with beautiful layouts and design options.

Powerful Conditional Logic

Set up powerful form branching with conditional logic. No matter the complexity of your pricing model, our booking forms can simplify it for your customers.

Collect Payments

Accept payments directly from an online booking form. The user can even pay a deposit for their booking on the spot. This feature is excellent for converting customers and maximizing profits.

Powerful Integrations

Integrate with your favorite CRM or marketing tool through Zapier. We integrate with 1000+ apps.

No Coding Skills Required

You don’t need coding skills to create a booking slip. Our booking forms are easy to build for average users. Our library of premium booking form templates makes it even easier.

Any Platform, Anywhere

Set up an online booking form on any website or standalone landing page in minutes. We integrate with every platform or CMS. And our software is 100% supported on mobile.

Want to maximize profits while delighting your customers?

It’s a business no-brainer. Build booking forms today for free.

Booking Form to Assist Customers

Booking forms improve the customer journey and the buying process. It’s all smooth sailing for customers with a handy booking slip.

And we make it easy for you, too. Want to use a booking form template? No problem! Choose one of our premium templates for free - have an online booking slip on your website within minutes.

Increase conversions. Boost Profits. Easy!

Have you ever visited a website that makes booking services or buying products hard? We bet you didn’t hang around for long. Technology is about making our lives easier. And our powerful software does exactly that - for you and your customers!

Booking forms streamline the buying process for your customers. Remove the need for phone calls or strings of back-and-forth emails. Who has the time for that these days? A booking form allows you to convert customers faster.

Manage the customer journey. Minimize buying friction. Increase profits with a click!

ConvertCalculator allows your business to do just that with an online booking form. You can build, install, and customize booking request forms for your website (all without the need for a developer or knowledge of coding). Now that’s convenient.

Booking Form Template

Our booking form templates make it even easier.

  • Choose a free premium template that suits the needs of your business.
  • Adapt the booking slip to show your services and prices.
  • Integrate the online booking form with your website (ConvertCalculator integrates with every platform).

Life is suddenly easier for you and your customers. It’s one of the joys of using our booking forms.

How Booking Forms Can Further Benefit Your Business

Maximizing profits, automating processes, and engaging customers are fantastic benefits of booking forms. However, a booking slip on your website can offer even more benefits...

1. Increase Accuracy

Customers enter the information into the booking slip themselves. That helps avoid errors and increases booking accuracy. It minimizes the chances of misunderstandings over the phone or via email. Removing one more variable from the communication chain reduces errors that may arise. For instance, a customer might have a unique name that’s hard to spell. And the staff member taking the booking could make a mistake. Booking forms reduce the likelihood of such errors, ensuring booking details are accurate, complete, and up-to-date.

2. Collect Customer Data

Booking slips allow you to collect customer data. Your business can gain valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and needs. Collecting that information allows you to create customer profiles and understand your audience. With this information, you can improve marketing strategies, refine business processes, and identify growth opportunities.

3. Available 24/7

Customers can book appointments or make reservations with a booking request form 24/7. It works for you even outside of regular business hours. And it makes the booking process more convenient and accessible for your customers. Many people are busy during work hours and prefer to make a booking request later. You can give them that option using our booking forms.

What Makes Our Booking Forms So Great?

Let’s set aside all the fantastic benefits momentarily. We can peek behind the curtain and see what makes our booking slips great. Our Formula and Show/Hide Logic combination allow you to convert complex pricing models into a simple booking form.


The formula is an expression that calculates a value. It uses input arguments to return an output, with the output you get depending on the input you enter. Calculations are often tied to simple inputs, like the value of a number field, frequently used in booking forms.

Some formulas, such as those for complex pricing models, need a large dataset as an input. But relax. We have simplified it for you. Although similar to Excel spreadsheets, our Datasheets have a simplified design. You can create a datasheet from scratch or copy and paste data from an Excel file.

Functions like IF, AND, and OR are popular in our booking slips. These make it possible to simplify even the most complex pricing models. And you can create an online booking form that customers easily understand.

Show/Hide Logic

Our Show/Hide Logic means you can build booking forms that adapt to how a customer answers a question. This feature ensures you can integrate an accurate booking slip into your website.

ConvertCalculator allows you to create a booking request form with multiple branches. You can show or hide fields based on previous answers.

Our Show/Hide Logic sets us apart from other form builders. Need to build complex booking forms that are also user-friendly? No problem. We combine the simplicity of Typeforms with the power of Excel in our forms.


What is a booking form?

A booking form is a form people fill out when they want to request or book a service. Examples include a hotel room, a rental car, or an appointment with a hairdresser. Booking slips typically have a name, contact information, and date and time fields. A hotel booking form can also include fields such as the number of people, beds, and rooms. Generally, booking slips also include a price for the customer and a payment option.

How do I make a booking form?

Choosing a ConvertCalculator booking form template is an easy way to make a booking request form. Our free premium templates cover various industries, so you can have an online booking form on your website in minutes.

You can also use our software to make a booking slip from scratch. Considering adding the following elements:

  • Fields considering this determines what information you want to collect from customers. For instance, you can include name, address, phone number, and email fields. Also, you might want date fields, the number of guests, and other specific information. These options will depend on your business.
  • Design you must consider the layout and design elements. A design that integrates seamlessly into your website and matches your brand will work best.
  • Input adding the fields from step one to your booking form is crucial. It allows your customers to make accurate bookings. Inputting the fields might involve using calculation formulas, depending on the form.
  • Test ensure the booking slip works properly before it goes live on your website.
  • Integration this step involves integrating the form into your website. Our software allows you to do this in minutes and works with every platform or CMS.

What should be on a booking form?

The nature of your business determines what should be on a booking form. Here are some suggestions:

1. Add fields relevant to your business a hair salon might have a field to select specific stylists.
2. You want to collect customer information include fields like name, email, and phone number.
3. Have options for scheduling details include date and time fields.
4. Offer payment options card payments, PayPal, and cash in-store are some examples.

Why is a booking form important?

Booking forms are important because they help businesses increase profits, automate processes, and convert customers.

  • Customers can book services on the spot when they’re in the buying mood, increasing conversion.

  • Automating processes helps businesses manage bookings more efficiently. You can save time and resources with a booking slip.

  • Improving the customer experience thrills your clients. You provide a positive customer experience when you make booking easy for your customers. Happy customers return.

Our booking forms make it easy for your customers to buy.

Maximize profits today. Create booking forms for free.