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Accept Online Orders

A cake order form template allows you to quickly add a cake order form to your website and eliminate those long phone calls and time-consuming over-the-counter ordering processes.

Once your orders are coming in on autopilot, you will have more time to get back to baking those gorgeous goodies we all love so much.

Online cake order forms enhance your customers' ordering experience, leading to increased sales, and reduce your manual processing time leading to increased profits.

  • With an online Cake Order Form, you can view your orders from anywhere in the world.

  • Connect your payment system to allow instant ordering.

  • Customize Your Order form using our drag-and-drop form builder. An online order form gives you back your precious time while ensuring you an accurate ordering process.

  • Customizable orders: Customers can select from your range of unique cake designs and flavors or request a custom cake.

  • Save Time: with a quick and convenient ordering process, customers can order cakes anytime and anywhere without having to visit the bakery in person.

  • Accurate orders: All details are accurately recorded in a form. No more misunderstandings or incorrect information.

  • Streamline your processes: An online order form helps streamline the order process, production and delivery processes.

  • Improve brand loyalty: Offering a customized ordering experience makes customers feel involved in the process, increasing brand loyalty.

  • Secure payment options: set up payments through your secure online platforms without the need for cash or in-person credit card transactions.

Best Practices When Creating Online Cake Order Forms

Tips for designing an online cake order form that converts:

  • Keep it simple and user-friendly: Ensure the order form is straightforward and easy to navigate. The less complicated it is, the higher the chances of customer retention and conversion.

  • Make the form enticing: A beautifully designed order form can create an engaging and customer-centric experience, leading to higher conversion rates. Use one of our easily editable templates and customize it with your brand, or build your own unique form from scratch.

  • Include high-quality product images: Customers are likely to order cakes that visually appeal to them, so showcasing images of high-quality cakes and different designs can entice them to order more.

  • Secure payment processing: Offer reliable and secure payment processing tools to give customers peace of mind when purchasing from your website.

  • Offer unique customization options: Providing customers with a choice of cake flavors, designs, and toppings makes them feel involved in the process and increases brand loyalty.

  • Location Information: Make sure to have your location information at the top of your site and clearly visible. HubSpot cited that 73% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from local businesses if their address and contact info are readily available online.

What Should be Included on a Cake Order Form

A good order form will help you gather important information and get more cake orders online and should include the following fields:

Your Business Info

  • Your Business Name

  • Your Business Logo

  • Pricing Information/Quote

  • Payment Method

  • Order Number

Customers Info

  • Customer Name

  • Customer Contact Details

  • Phone number

  • Delivery address

  • Time and Date for Pickup or Delivery

  • Cake Decoration Options

  • Dietary Restrictions

  • Text Field for Special Requests

These are all ready to go in the ConvertCalculator cake form template.

Other Features to Spice up Your Form:

Apart from gathering your customer information, you can use the following fields to create a form that captures everything you need

  • File upload field: for users to upload photos they would like on their cake or inspiration photos of the cake they would like you to create for them.

  • Places Field: Setup and automate your delivery area and delivery costs so your customers can calculate their delivery costs as part of the ordering process.

  • Time/Date Field: Add a time/date field so customers can enter their pickup or delivery date. Integrate time limits for ordering. For example, 'Orders must be placed 7 days in advance'.

  • List Fields:Use list fields to offer options like the ones listed below and any other goodies you love to offer:

  • Cake Flavor

  • Size of cake

  • Number of tiers

  • Cake Filling

  • Frosting color

  • Frosting flavor

  • Allergen information

  • Toppings and decorations

Accessing Your Cake Orders

You will see your orders in the dashboard and can print and run reports? from there.

In addition, you can set up notifications so you always know when an order has been placed.

You will be able to download any documents your customer has uploaded from here, also.

Use Cake Order Forms to Increase Your Revenue Streams

Using form templates gives you the opportunity to add all your bakery creations to your website so your clients can see everything you have to offer.

Adding other types of cakes and goods can increase your revenue stream and expand your reach into other markets.

Here are just some of the options you can add to your cake order form:

  • Wedding cake order forms

  • Cupcake order form

  • Custom cakes

  • Birthday cakes

  • Cookies

  • Cookie cakes

  • Anniversary cakes

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Can I try it out for free?

Yes. You can use all platinum features for free for up to 100 visits per month. No strings attached.

How do I create a custom order form online?

Using ConvertCalculator you can create a form from scratch, or you can start with a cake order form template and adjust it to suit your exact needs. Either option is a straightforward process using drag and drop options. Align it with your brand colors and add your logo. From there, you can easily embed the form onto your website in minutes and start taking orders.

Do I need to be tech-savvy?

No. The basics are straightforward, and there are easy-to-follow instructions for everything you would like to achieve. There is also the option of using our Concierge Service to build your Calculator for you.

Which payment system can I link to my order form?

We partner with Stripe for your business payment gateway. Anything is possible - just ask our friendly team.

How easy is updating and changing my order form once it’s live?

Updating is as simple as logging in and updating the necessary fields in your form. For example, if you add cheesecake as an option, it could be added in minutes. You can also add or remove fields as you need.

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