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Generate more leads and increase your marketing ROI with our interactive content tool. Create website calculators, quizzes, lead pages, configurators, and quote forms that you can create yourself, without code.

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"Any website needs a calculator!"


Create more experiments! With our no-code builder, you are in control and you no longer have to rely on your developers.


Interactive website content converts 100% better than passive content. Generate more leads, boost your CRO, and turn prospects into customers.


Create automation flows by integrating your website calculator, landing page, app, survey, form, or quiz elements with your software stack.


CRO impacts your business

With a growing cost to attract website visitors, you need to get more out of your website traffic by optimizing your conversion rate. See what increasing your conversion rate with our interactive content marketing tool can do for your business via our CRO calculator.

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Currently there are 11463 live calculators that helped our customers capture 1002706 leads.

Since 2017 people have been telling us how ConvertCalculator has helped them to capture more leads, faster. Here are a few highlights from fellow marketers.

"I’m a digital marketer that looks at the entire funnel of my clients. I believe most gains can be made with conversion rate optimisation. Convert Calculator helps me with this because I’m able to create forms, calculators, quizzes and many more that can have a huge impact on my clients conversion rate. As I build the forms myself, I am also able to change them in a couple of minutes to A/B test. I don’t need expensive developers! I recommend everybody to use Convert Calculator, as it’s now part of my daily tech stack. "
Thomas van Miert
Director Duckdive

One content builder for all your marketing experiments

Engage your audience with our interactive content builder. Create calculators, quizzes, landing pages, surveys, and lead generation forms, that drive conversion in every step of your marketing & sales funnel with our easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder.

Powerful logic you did not know you need

Logic creates interaction. You can create anything you need thanks to our powerful calculation and logic engine called FormulaScript. You will not run into the limitations posed by the tools you use currently. Once you’ve used ConvertCalculator, you know what you have been missing.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) and Lead Generation

It is really simple, interactive web content converts significantly better than passive content with a 20% conversion rate versus interactive content marketing at 50%. Interactive content marketing answers your frequently asked customer questions while you collect leads.

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Interactive content marketing drives conversion

Whether you're improving your Top, Middle, or Bottom of the funnel, interactive content marketing educates, entertains, and gains trust, thereby driving conversion.

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All the features you need from a powerful and versatile content builder

Drag, drop, point, click

You don't need technical, coding, or design skills to create and activate your calculator.

Easy integrations

Work with Hubspot, MailChimp, Slack, Stripe, you name it. Integrate with 1000+ apps with Zapier.

Any platform, anywhere

Set up in minutes on any website. ConvertCalculator integrates with every platform or CMS. 100% mobile support.

Customisable Templates

Choose one of our conversion-optimized templates and change every design aspect of it to fit your style.

Multi-page forms

Create multi-step forms that bring in 2x more leads – without code.

Smart interfaces

Create dynamic and interactive forms with conditional logic, that adapt to the way your audience answers each question.

Partial Submissions

Recover lost leads and gather more data from visitors who dropped off and didn't answer all questions.

Powerful logic

Our builder supports most Excel functions. Stop fiddling around with choice interfaces and go straight to formulas.

Hide results

Gain more leads by hiding results until after submission. You can even password gate results to make sure you collect valid emails.

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