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HubSpot offers a range of products and services. These services specialised in tools for functionalities such as social media marketing, SEO and web analytics, to name a few. While it is an ideal platform for small businesses, HubSpot have actively sought to serve larger businesses in recent years.


Why should you use Hubspot for your next landing page project?

CRM Tools

HubSpot’s biggest selling point is it’s comprehensive customer relationship management tools. These tools (which are free to implement), allow customers of HubSpot to relate better with their website’s clients, which in turn bolsters revenue. The landing pages offered by HubSpot simplify these processes of documentation.

Marketing hub

In addition to CRM tools, HubSpot offers a Marketing Hub. This Marketing Hub aids in the growth or traffic and leads, making use of such tools as the landing pages, automation and analytics.

Intelligent eCommerce system

HubSport supports eCommerce by integrating with Shopify. Give your company a head start by making use of this intelligent eCommerce system that allows customers to sell more in a shorter time frame, all the while automating these processes allowing for more effective sales.


That’s right, there are no limits to customisation. HubSpot keeps the importance of your brand in mind and allows you to customise everything on the site to the aesthetic of your brand. Whatever the look you’re going for, HubSpot is sure to have a template that suits your preferences.


Why should you not use Hubspot for your next landing page project?

Expensive 12 month contract

Purchasing HubSpot requires that you sign a one-year contract. This will undoubtedly put off those who are unsure of their site’s longevity, especially considering the fee itself is $800. If this is the case, consider cheaper sites like GoDaddy which operate on a rolling monthly payment.

Technical Support

HubSpot’s technical support is not free.

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Why you should embed a calculator on your Hubspot landing page?

Integrating ConvertCalulculator on a Hubspot landing page can be really effective means of lead generation. A calculator reduces noise about the value your product delivers, and can offer clearity when it comes to your product's pricing.

You can get even more out of a calculator by adding the form submissions feature. With this feature you can capture leads directly from the calculator.

ConvertCalculator allows you to integrate the form fields of the calculator with HubSpot’s CRM. By doing this, the information submitted by your potential clients on the calculator gets sent to the CRM. HubSpot proceeds to organise this information on its easy to read dashboard, arranging such things as your sales, appointments scheduled and customer interactions.