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Sell more highly customized products with our elegant product configurator software. Embed a configurator on your website or create standalone pages in minutes.

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More Sales

Customers prefer product customization. Let clients customize your products to their needs and sell more.

Better Customer Experience

Give people the unique experience of creating their own product variations in real time and thrill them with your amazing products.

Automate Configuration

Save time and reduce errors for you and your sales reps by automating sales processes.

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Explore some of our best product configurator software examples

Build any online configurator with our no-code builder. Here are some examples of product configurators others have built.

Bike Configurator example

Sell More with Product Configuration

Ever thought about the power of implementing product configurators on your website? The product configurator tool allows potential customers to customize products to their unique needs. Users can optimize their purchases within one user-friendly website product configurator. This increases quotes generated, average order value, and profit margins. Maximizing sales.

Product Configuration for a Unique Customer Experience

Not many eCommerce stores give their customers a chance to customize products. Adopting this modern approach gives your customers a novel experience they'll remember. It will reduce return rates and increase repeat purchases, customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our product configurator software helps you thrill your customers with a unique experience.

Automate the Product Configuration Process

Our product configurator software automates the product configuration process. That means less repetitive work for you and your sales team. Standardizing sales processes also leads to a considerable reduction in errors and issues. Freeing up valuable time.

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Features of Our Product Configurators

Create any online configurator with our no-code builder. Here are some features that will help you grow your business.

Best in Class

Customers find our product configurators extremely easy to use. Set it up within minutes, and customize it to your preferences.

Create complex product rules

Use our calculation engine to turn your complex business rules into a beautiful product configurator. Create any configurator you want.

Accept online payments

Accept online payments directly from your product configurator. Convert window shoppers into customers on the spot.

Powerful integrations

Integrate with your favorite tools through Zapier. Our online configurator integrates with 1000+ apps.

No custom code required

You don't need technical skills to create and deploy your configurator with our software.

Dynamic pricing

We make dynamic pricing easy. So you don't need to change anything to the pricing rules when the underlying price changes.

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Our customers have Quadrupled leads using a product configurator

Since 2017 people have been telling us how ConvertCalculator has helped them make product configuration easier.

"We found the entire experience with ConverCalculator very simple and straightforward, but also very effective and flexible. And the results were very professional looking and fit perfectly with the professional brand image they were trying to project. Thanks to our online product configurator, we were able to quadruple our online leads!"
Jorrit Heidbuchel

5 out of 5 stars

"ConvertCalculator made it very easy for me, someone without coding skills, to build a powerful product configurator for my business. Easy to use, tons of features, and excellent customer support. Very happy with this product!"
Tyler Y.

5 out of 5 stars

Ready to sell more complex products with product configuration?

Create your product configurator today and deliver a unique customer experience.

What is a Product Configurator?

A product configurator (or configuration software) is a tool that allows customers to configure complex products according to their requirements. It is a popular visual commerce tool that enables customers to see the final version of a configured product before placing an order.

A product configurator allows customers to arrange products to their needs. For instance, they could choose different options for a bicycle to see how it looks. Product configuration software lets them see the changes in real time. When customers need to know how the product will look before purchasing, visual product configuration is essential.

The software sets up configuration rules that guide visitors through customizing the product. These rules can include color, size, material, and other product attributes. You can easily create a visual product configurator with our software.

Product configuration software also saves time. It automates the sales process, so you don’t need to create product quotes and specifications manually. This speeds up quoting and lets customers order complex products more quickly.

Our configurator tool can be integrated with existing e-commerce platforms, making it easy for businesses to adopt this technology. You need a product configurator if your business operations offer custom or configurable products.

Check out these stunning examples our customers have created using ConvertCalculator's easy product configurators:

Benefits of Product Configuration Software

Product configurator software is popular in industries where customization is essential, such as furniture, apparel, and automotive. By enabling customers to configure products, businesses can increase sales, reduce returns, and improve customer satisfaction.

Our product configurator software allows customers to configure products according to their needs. It is a visual commerce tool that lets customers see the final version of the product before placing an order.

The software uses configuration rules to guide customers through customizing the product. A configured product is previewed in real-time, allowing customers to make changes as needed.

Our configuration software is user-friendly and integrates with existing e-commerce platforms. It benefits businesses and customers.

Business Benefits

  1. Increased conversions - configurators customize and personalize products, often leading to more sales. Customers are more likely to buy your products when they can get exactly what they need.
  2. Enhanced customer experience - interactive product configurators engage customers, involving them in the design process. That improves their experience with your business. And they can see the exact configure price quote for a design.
  3. Streamlined production process - configurators generate accurate specifications and orders based on customer selections, leading to fewer errors. They ensure the final product matches the customer’s needs.
  4. Cost optimization - our powerful software includes cost calculations, so you can upsell premium accessories with ease. You can also track inventory and manage stock more effectively to optimize costs.
  5. Customer Insights - configurators record valuable data on customer preferences. You can see customer behavior and identify popular features, which is handy for marketing strategies, etc.
  6. Competitive Edge - you can gain a competitive advantage with configurators. Offering unique products can differentiate you from other businesses in your industry.

Customer Benefits

  1. Personalization - configurators let customers personalize products. They can get exactly what they want - colors, sizes, materials, features, and functionalities.
  2. Visualization - customers visualize custom products with a configurator. They can immediately see how choices impact the overall appearance and design of the product.
  3. Interactive experience - configurators involve customers in product selection. This images them and leads to higher customer satisfaction.
  4. Saves time - customers save time with an interactive configurator. They can view different options and customizations without contacting your business directly.
  5. Transparency - configurators offer upfront pricing based on customer selections. They can see how different options affect the configure price, allowing them to make informed decisions.
  6. Buying confidence - customers participate in the design and buying process with configurators. They clearly understand the features and price, giving them confidence in their purchase.

Product Configurator Tools: FAQ

What are the major features of a product configurator?

The most important feature of a product configurator is the ability to visualize a product. With ConvertCalculator, you can use "layered images" to stack images on top of each other to create a finalized configuration.

Another essential feature of product configuration is the principle of guided selling. Fundamentally, you drive your customer through the buying process, creating a beautiful customer experience.

Custom pricing is also a crucial feature. With our rules engine, it's possible to implement complex pricing rules. Always being able to display the accurate configuration price instead of manually reviewing a sales request helps you close the sale. The rules engine - our calculation engine - is the secret sauce of ConvertCalculator.

What is product customization vs. configuration?

Product customization makes it easy to customize a product on some basic parameters. Examples of this are color, size, or finish. This is something many e-commerce stores implement and is offered by most e-commerce platforms.

Product configuration is an entirely different ballgame. It makes it possible to create unique products based on multiple and more advanced parameters.

How can I make a product configurator for my website?

Setting up a configurator on your webshop is easier than it may sound. ConvertCalculator has done the hard part for you, and the calculator builder is easy to use. With this, you can add questions, variables, or images relevant to your product.

Of course, if you'd like to take your design to the next level, ConvertCalculator allows you to edit the code for yourself. But no coding knowledge is necessary for the average user to embed a beautiful configurator on their website.

How do you capture payments?

Capturing payments can be easily managed through ConvertCalculator's integration with Stripe. Allowing your customers to complete their transactions on the same page that they are made to configure their product guarantees increased sales.

Studies have proven that people are far more likely to buy a product if they can customize it and see this process themselves. Using ConvertCalculator's Checkout, imagine how many more sales you expose your business to.

Alternatively, ConvertCalculator supports other checkout systems, such as Snipcart. Snipcart offers a complete eCommerce solution similar to Shopify.