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Don’t underestimate the power of implementing a product configurator on your website. A product configurator allows your potential customers to customize products to their exact needs and specifications. This saves you and your business time and maximizes your sales by allowing users to optimize their purchases—all within one user-friendly website product configurator.

Create a unique customer experience

Very few eCommerce sites give their customers the chance to customize their products. By adopting this new and modern approach, you provide your customers with a novel experience they’re unlikely to forget. And we think our Ecommerce product configurator is able to help you get there.

One product configurator, unlimited possibilities

It's up to the customer to choose their own version of your product, using it as a CPQ (configure, price, quote). As a result, it is no longer your job to list and price quote each variable of your product on your webshop. Simply let your product configurator do the work

If you are a business and sell customizable products, it makes sense to sell them online via a product configurator. Not only does this optimize the buying experience, but it also creates less hassle for you as a business owner. With ConvertCalculator, you can build a calculator that accepts payments to accomplish just that.

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Explore some of our best product configurator examples

Build any online configurator with our no-code builder. Here are some examples of product configurators others have built.

Bike Configurator example

and more

Features for product configurators

Get started in minutes with our built-in features to help you create a powerful online product configurator

The Best Product Configurator

According to our customers. Extremely easy-to-use, setup within minutes and customizable to your own preferences.

Feature-packed configurator

Create any kind of product configurator you want. With extensive options, and beautiful layout and design options.

Accept online payments

Accept online payments directly from your Ecommerce product configurator. Perfect for converting window shoppers to customers on the spot.

Powerful integrations

Integrate with your favorite Ecommerce tool through Zapier. Our online configurator integrates with 1000+ apps.

No coding skills required

You don't have to have technical skills to create and deploy your configurator.

Any platform, anywhere

Set up in minutes on any website or use our standalone landingpage. ConvertCalculator integrates with every platform or CMS. 100% mobile support.

what they say

Currently there are 6667 Product Configurators that helped our customers capture 429689 orders.

Since 2017 people have been telling us how ConvertCalculator has helped them to capture more orders, faster. Here are a few highlights.

"We found the entire experience with ConverCalculator very simple and straightforward, but also very effective and flexible. And the results were very professional looking and fit perfectly with the professional brand image they were trying to project. Thanks to our online product configurator, we were able to quadruple our online leads!"
Jorrit Heidbuchel
"Wow! ConvertCalulator has enabled us to take a complex freemium pricing model and make it super-easy for our prospects to understand. I was able to build, install and customize the online product configurator, without any dev assistance."
Matthew Jones
Marketing Manager Evaluagent

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frequently asked questions

Common Product Configurator Questions

Why add a product configurator to your webshop?

A product configurator is the perfect idea for your webshop, particularly if you don’t have a standard product. Product configurator’s are idea for standardising the buying process. It allows your customers the chance to edit your product’s variables (such as color or size), all the while remaining fun and easy to use. Remember that customers regularly seek ways to add their own personalised touch, and a product configurator allows them to do just this.

Not only this, think of the insights a product configurator affords. By allowing your customers to build their own products, you gain valuable insight into the type of things your customers are looking for. Also, remember its CPQ potential. ConvertCalculator helps your business very accurately define the price of your product across a changing spectrum of variables.

How can I make a product configurator for my website?

Setting up a product configurator on your webshop is easier than it may sound. ConvertCalculator has done the hard part for you and the calculator builder is really easy to use. With this, you are free to add whatever questions, variables or images that are relevant to your product.

Of course, if you’d like to take your design to the next level, ConvertCalculator gives you the option to edit the code for yourself. If you were to encounter any problems in setting up a product configurator on your eCommerce site, then please consult our FAQ page. If you still find yourself encountering difficulties, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

How do you capture payments?

Capturing payments with your product configurator can be easily managed through ConvertCalculator’s Checkout. By allowing your customers to complete their transaction on the same page that they are made to configure their product you guarantee increased sales. In fact, studies have proven that people are far more likely to buy a product if they can customise it, and see this process, themselves. By also using ConvertCalculator’s Checkout, imagine how many more sales you expose your business to.

Alternatively, ConvertCalculator supports other checkout systems such as Snipcart. This is another incredibly simple process. If you happen to have difficulty doing this, consult our FAQ or the wealth of information available on Snipcart’s website.

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