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Create beautiful interactive content with a website calculator to boost sales, delight customers, and streamline your sales process - no coding skills needed.

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4.8 / 5
"Any website needs a calculator!"

Dazzle your customers

Create a custom online calculator to maximize engagement with your website visitors. Get them involved with your business.

Optimize sales and conversion

An interactive calculator for your website helps your visitors to make more informed buying decisions and explain other benefits of your products.

Get better customer insights

Gather data and insights about your visitors - wants, needs, preferences, and behavior - to tailor your product better to your potential customers.

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What our customers have to say about our interactive calculator builder

"Excellent for customizing a calculator on my website. Completely customizable for my very niche needs. I has streamlined a lot of my customer interactions and allowed me to focus on other work."
Faye B.

5 out of 5 stars

"The calculator is incredibly powerful. First class from start to finish. This is probably the best product and customer experience we have ever had. "
Mike A.

4.9 out of 5 stars


Just some of the things you can do with our powerful calculators

The power of Convertcalculator gives you the flexibility to create exactly what you need... dream it, make it.

House painting price quote calculator example

and more

Powerful website calculator builder with countless uses

Quote calculator

Don't create quotes manually. Create a website calculator and let your potential customers make quotes on their own. Price quote calculators are super convenient.

ROI Calculator

Refrain from telling your potential customers that your product has a positive return on investment. Let them calculate their exact ROI with ROI calculators.

Cost Savings Calculator

Does your product save your customers much money? Let them calculate the exact savings amount.

Financial Calculators

Use our interactive calculators for any financial metric. Some good examples are mortgage calculators and loan calculators - easily calculate a loan amount.

Sustainability Calculator

Create a calculator to discover carbon footprint, energy consumption, water footprint, waste reduction, or other sustainability-related KPIs.

Tax Calculator

Help visitors estimate tax liability based on income, deductions, and filing status.

A powerful way to handle complex formulas

Our calculator builder has a powerful calculation engine underneath called FormulaScript. It's a super easy-to-use programming language based on Excel's Formula builder.

When we say it's powerful, we mean it!

In FormulaScript you can use math functions and a legion of functions that can also be chained or nested. Use ConvertCalculator for your interactive calculators. You can implement any complex business or pricing logic your business desires without programming knowledge.

Our website calculators go beyond numbers

When you think about web calculator results, you think about numbers. For a good reason, they offer a way to quantify your product or service's value. But calculation results from our calculation engine can also be text, lists, and other result types.

This means you can visualize your calculations in many exciting and engaging ways. You can:

  • Use tables, to display more numbers clearly and concisely.
  • Add charts to display data in lines, bars, areas, or pies
  • Add gauges and progress bars to visualize progress or display and monitor different measures
  • Add image layers to build a visual product configurator

Use conditional logic like a champ

You can use our calculation engines to display results and implement branching logic in a form. This concept is straightforward, but its execution is very powerful!

Some web calculators are so simple that they consist of a couple of input fields and some result elements. But more complex use cases demand a way to display certain elements at certain times and for specific configurations.

This is perfect for conditional forms, creating decision tree calculators, or enriching the user experience of your web calculator form—no coding skills are required.

Want to dazzle customers with an interactive calculator?

Use our powerful yet simple calculator builder to engage customers and boost conversions.

What is an Interactive Calculator?

An interactive calculator is an intuitive tool for marketing. It allows users to perform calculations and receive immediate feedback based on their inputs. A calculator is typically designed to be used online.

A custom calculator for a website is designed specifically for a particular website. Businesses or organizations often use this type of calculator to provide a specific service or collect user data.

For example, a financial planning website might include a custom calculator for estimating retirement savings. In contrast, an online retailer might embed a custom calculator for calculating shipping costs.

Benefits of Interactive Calculators

Interactive calculators benefit your business and your customers.

Business Benefits

1. Lead Generation - you can gather customer information with a website calculator. That lets you build a list of potential customers to follow up with later.

2. Higher Conversions - giving customers instant results from personalized info helps them make informed decisions. They can calculate costs, savings, ROI, etc., and understand benefits, which makes them more likely to buy.

3. Better User Experience - interactive web calculators are engaging for potential customers. They input personalized data and get immediate results, making it enjoyable and memorable.

4. Competitive Advantage - embedding interactive calculators on your website lets you get one over on your competition. The engaging user experience differentiates you from competitors.

5. Customer Insights - collect customer data to get deeper insights on behavior like wants, needs, and preferences. Understanding your audience is vital for marketing strategies and lead generation.

6. Save Time - web calculators save time for quoting, etc. You can give customers prices without lengthy calls or emails.

Customer Benefits

1. Instant Results - customers can get pricing or savings info immediately. They don't need to contact your business, making interactive calculators super convenient.

2. Personalization - they can get info specific to their needs. It helps customers understand how your business can serve their unique needs.

3. Transparency - a web calculator gives customers transparent information. As a bonus for you, that builds trust between customers and your business.

4. Comparison - customers can compare businesses using interactive calculators. It helps them get the best service at the best price for them.

5. Convenience - an interactive calculator lets customers get info on your website. They don't need to call or email for pricing, etc.

6. Education - website calculators can educate customers on the services your business offers. Informed customers can make better decisions. Or they can educate the customer on individual matters - personal finance calculators, for example.

ConvertCalculator Use Cases

Interactive calculators can be used in a wide array of use cases. Many can benefit your business by helping you to streamline, automate and delight your customers. Here are just a few to check out:

Interactive Calculators: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most powerful online calculator?

Because of the underlying FormulaScript programming language, and the thoughtful integration of FormulaScript in our UI builder, ConvertCalculator offers the most powerful online calculator builder. So if you need a powerful first interactive calculator for your website, give ConvertCalculator a spin.

Will a custom calculator be good for SEO performance?

Many interactive content builders claim that embedding a calculator in your website will improve your search rankings. This is false: adding calculators for websites that do not directly improve your SEO.

Because custom calculators significantly impact user engagement, search engines may give you extra SEO juice. This is not proven, but it could be a nice extra for implementing a calculator on your website.

Will search engines index my custom interactive calculator?

Unlike many of the first interactive calculator builders, search engines will fully index our web calculators. This means that any content added to a calculator is read by search engines and used for indexing.

This is true for both embedded calculators and a standalone web page.