Integrate with Mailchimp

ConvertCalculator has e-mail templates baked in, which makes it possible to send a copy of a form submission to you and your customers (the submitter). Which allows you to follow up with a customer and to get notified whenever a new calculator submission has taken place.

This is very powerful, but if you want to customize the template or create automated campaigns, integrating with Mailchimp is the way to go! In this article, we will explain how to integrate form submissions with Mailchimp to send your user a copy of their submission.

Create and edit your Audience on Mailchimp

First of all, you need to create your Audience on Mailchimp. You want to save the captured data from the calculator in your list. In order to do that, you need to add this data as fields to your list. Click on "Settings" in the menu and click on "Audience Fields and |MERGE| tags". Here you can "Add a field". In most cases, "Text" fields are the right option. So if you want to sync answers from every calculator question in Mailchimp, you need to create fields for each of them.

Create an automated campaign on Mailchimp

Next up, you are going to create an automated Mailchimp campaign. When creating your campaign, select "Automated" and select "Welcome Message".

Designing the e-mail is outside the scope of this article, but one thing to mention is that you can use all the values added as "List fields" as "Merge tags". This makes your e-mail very powerful. It's great for sending price quote e-mails, receipts, or any other type of transactional e-mail based on a calculator form submission.

Connect everything with the Mailchimp integration

Now it's time to connect ConvertCalculator with Mailchimp:

  1. Make sure you are in the calculator editor and go to the "Connect panel". You can find it in the left menu (4th item).
  2. Click on the "Connect" button in the "Mailchimp section" and connect your account.
  3. Once your account is connected, toggle the switch to "sync data to Mailchimp".
  4. Select the list you just created.
  5. Now all the fields you created in the first step appear. Make sure you connect each one you want to sync to Mailchimp to a question or formula.

That's it! When a user submits a calculator, data is synced to Mailchimp. With these simple steps, you've created a very powerful follow-up on a calculator submission and captured the customer details in Mailchimp.

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