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FILTER function

The FILTER function allows you to perform an action (function) over each element of an array deciding whether it should stay in the array or not. Resulting in a new filtered array.


The syntax for FILTER is as follows

FILTER(array, f)
  • array an array (collection/list) of values
  • f the function you want to apply to each value (can be built-in or a custom function)

The result is another array


// only keep values that are numbers FILTER(ARRAY(1, 2, -5, 'string', ARRAY(), true), ISNUMBER) // -> [1, 2, -5] // only keep value that are positive (greater or equal to 0) FILTER(ARRAY(-5, -3, 3, 5, 100, -100, 0), function(x: x >= 0)) // -> [3, 5, 100, 0]

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