Place Question

Add a field to pick a location and potentially get distance between entered place and origin location.


  • Title: Provide a title or question to the place question, set the title type, and toggle “Title is visible?” to change the visibility on the calculator.
  • Add tooltip: Toggle this option if you want to add a tooltip to the question.
  • Description: You can add a description under the title or question. You can use markdown markups to format.
  • Placeholder: Set an example or a description on the answer field to help users.
  • Restrict to countries: Toggle to select up to five countries on which you want to restrict the result.
  • Use origin place: Toggle to add an origin location to calculate the distance between a selected place and the user’s input.
  • Is this question required?: Toggle if you want to make this place question mandatory required to answer.
  • Show/Hide Logic: Toggle this to control if this question is shown or hidden under certain circumstances.
    • Visibility formula: If the result of the formula is TRUE or a number above 0. The question is visible. If the result is FALSE or 0, it’s hidden.

How to retrieve place details

The place element is packed with data that you can extract separately. In this way, you help your users by not asking for each location element separately. Here are the formulas you can use (assuming QA is the reference of your place question):

  • QA_route will return the street
  • QA_street_number will return the street number
  • QA_locality will return the city
  • QA_sublocality will return the additional information associated with the location, typically defined at the city or town level (such as district or neighborhood)
  • QA_postal_code will return the postal or zip code
  • QA_province will return the region
  • QA_country will return the country

Further, you can get the place input's latitude and longitude. These attributes are the perfect input for distance and driving time calculations. Learn more on how you can use the place element in calculations here.

  • QA_lat or QA_latitude: returns the latitude
  • QA_lng or QA_longitude: returns the longitude

Usage in calculations

  • If an origin place is added, the question will return a distance or driving duration between those two places (origin and customer answer address).
  • You can change to the imperial or metric system in settings. Let's say you want to display the number of miles between two points. All you have to do is QX \* 0.000189393939. It's also easy for kilometers: QX / 1000.
  • If you want to return the driving duration, you can do that too: QX{duration}. The return value is seconds, so if you charge 80 USD per hour, the formula would be like this: QX{duration} / 60 / 60 * 80.

Place question demo

The template below demonstrates the use of our distance functions.

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