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Date Question

Create a field to allow users to pick a date from a calendar.


  • Title: Provide a title or question to the date question, setting title type and toggle “Title is visible?” to change the visibility on the calculator.
  • Add tooltip: Toggle this option if you want to add a tooltip to the question.
  • Description: Can add a description under the title or question. Allow to use markdown markups to format.
  • Default value: Toggle to add a default value. It will be “today’s” date.
  • Is this question required?: Toggle if you want to make date question mandatory required to answer.
  • Show/Hide Logic: Toggle this if you want to control if this question is shown or hidden under certain circumstances.
  • Visibility formula: If the result of the formula is TRUE or a number above 0. The question is visible. If the result is FALSE or 0, it’s hidden.

Usage in calculations

  • By default, it returns the date.
  • You can calculate with a date, e.g. when you want to subtract or add a certain amount of days from a date, by turning it into its numerical equivalent. You can do this with QA{spreadsheetTime}.
  • You can return on a formula: QA{isWeekend} which returns1 if true, 0 if false; and QA{differenceToToday} which returns the amount of days difference to today.
  • You can include this element in different functions as DAYS, YEAR, and TODAY.
  • You can combine different functions and nested IF’s to create different results according to dates or number of days after the day selected by the customer. i.e Increment pricing on earlier dates (eg within 5 days) and later dates (eg after 15 days) lower price.

Example calculator