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Learn more about what workspaces are in ConvertCalculator and how you can use them to get the most out of your calculators.

By default, every profile has a workspace where calculators are created in. A workspace has the following settings:

  • Name: This is used as a subdomain for your standalone pages
  • Email settings: To setup a custom from email address
  • Connections: Setup connections with external services (e.g. Stripe, HubSpot or Google)

A workspace is limited to one subdomain, one email sender domain (to be used as from email address) and one account per external services. This means you can't connect more than one Google account (or any other external service) in a workspace. If you need to host calculator pages on more than one subdomain, need to send emails from multiple from e-mail addresses or connect with more than one account per external service you need to create an extra workspace.

Adding workspaces

Each account has one workspace out of the box. For extra workspaces, you'll need our Platinum plan. The Platinum plan has two workspaces included. Every additional workspace will add $50 or $60 /month to your bill, depending on your billing cycle.

All subscription fees are pro-rated when any plan changes occur (adding or deleting workspaces). This way you never overpay.

Deleting workspaces

Deleting a workspace puts you in the danger zone. For security and GDPR-reasons deleted means permanently deleted. We cannot recover deleted calculators or deleted accounts, we can also not recover deleted workspaces.

Deleting a workspace will also delete all calculators in the workspace. If you want to retain your calculators, you can move them to another workspace.

Moving calculators to another workspace

You are able to move calculators between workspaces. Be careful though because this will cause:

  • Your calculator will be depublished and will not available anymore on your live website or standalone page
  • Any existing integrations with this calculator will be removed forever
  • Submission emails will be send from the sender signature configured in the other workspace

Adding team members

We will introduce the possibility to invite team members to your workspace. This avoids having to share your account credentials in case you want to collaborate on calculators. Adding team members to a workspace is on our development roadmap for 2022.