Partial form submissions

To improve your calculator submission performance, you can hide formula results before submission. Another powerful tactic is using partial form submissions.

With ConvertCalculator you can break up your form into multiple views or pages. While this increases submission significantly, adding a partial form submission makes sure you collect the contact information.

The setup is that your first view contains the contact information (e.g., name, email, and phone number), while the second view onwards contain the actual calculation form. See below an example:

How to create a form with a partial form submission

It is very easy to set up a partial form submission. Make sure you add the contact details on the top of the form and:

  1. (optional) make contact details required fields
  2. insert a view break element under the contact details
  3. insert a button element above the view break button*
  4. In the button settings, toggle: "Use as form submission" & "Navigate to next view after submission"
  5. hide the view break element (select view-break button and un-toggle "Show button" in edit element menu)
  6. (optional) toggle off "Show view break navigation" in the calculator settings

*While the view break element appears as a button, it does not have the properties of a real button

Partial form submissions demonstration

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