How to create a cleaning business price quote calculator

Learn how to create a price quote calculator for your cleanaing business on your website

Why should you have a price quote calculator on your website?

Let's begin with the why! First, we know how time consuming the price quoting process can be. Automating the boring part of the sales process can save a lot of time. Time you can spend on meaningful things.

Next to saving time, a price quote calculator will make it easier for your customers to interact with your company, which results in more leads and/or customers.

Ok enough reasons to build one. Let's get into it and build one!

What we are going to do in this tutorial

In this tutorial we are going to pretent we are a cleaning company and we want to create a price quote calculator for our website. Our pricing is based on rooms:

  • Bedrooms: $25 per room
  • Studies: $20 per room
  • Living rooms: $30 per room
  • Hallways: $15 per room
  • Stairs: $35 per room
  • Badrooms / Toilets: $10 per room

The customer can decide between one-off, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning. A customer gets a dicount when selecting a recurring cleaning:

  • Weekly: 10%
  • Bi-weekly: 5%
  • Monthly: 3%

If a customer lives in a driving distance of 5 miles, there is no call out fee. Above 5 miles the company charges $1 per mile. It won't deliver their services when the customer lives more then 50 miles away.

Before we get started

Make sure you have an account on ConvertCalculator. If you haven't set one up, do it now at Click on "+ New calculator" and select "Start from scratch" and we are ready to begin.

Building the calculator

Room type question

For this calculator we are going to first set up an order list question, which is an easy way of collecting an "order" for multiple products. We are going to use this for the room types.

Go ahead and click on the "+" icon in the top right to see an overview of all the available elements for your calculator. Select the "Order List" question by clicking on it or dragging it into the canvas. Now you need to do the following to finish the question:

  1. Change the title of the question to "What rooms need cleaning?"
  2. Add "$" as prefix and " per room" as postfix
  3. Add all the rooms as "items" (there are three items added which you can edit).

Cleaning frequency question

Ok this is getting somewhere. Now add a "List" question in order for your customer to choose between a set of options (One-off, monthly etc.). Add it below the Room type question. You will need to do the following:

  1. Change the title of the question to "How many times do you need cleaning?"
  2. Change the display from "Multiple choice" to "Button group".
  3. Add all the frequency options. For the values you can use the percentages (one-off: 0, weekly: 0.1, bi-weekly: 0.05, monthly: 0.03)

Other questions

Ok let's speed things up. You will need to create the following other questions get the all needed information from your customer:

  • Date question ("When do you (first) need cleaning?")
  • Place question ("Where do you need cleaning?")
  • Text question ("What's your name?")
  • Email question ("What's your email?)

One last thing we need to do is let the calculator now where we are based (in order to calculate the distance between our company and the cleaning job). Click on the Place question, toggle the switch "Use origin place" and type to select your location. In our example we use "Rotterdam, the Netherlands".

Creating the formula

We just need one formula in our calculator. Go ahead and add a formula to the bottom of the canvas, change the title to "Total Price" and add "$" as prefix.

Total price of rooms

We first want to get the total price of cleaning the rooms. Luckily, the Order list question is doing a lot of heavy lifting. We can get the total price of the cleaning of all the rooms by calling the reference QAin the equation. So delete the existing equation and add QA. If you haven't touched the order list question, it will result in 0. Go ahead and add some rooms and see what happens. Magic!


We are not done yet, because we give customers who want regular cleaning a little bit of discount. The value of QB will be the discount so in order to subtract this we would have to do Total Price - (Total Price * Discount), or:

QA - QA * QB

Change the equation in the formula, toggle the cleaning frequency question and see what happens.

Call-out fee

Depending on where the customer is located, we will calculate the call-out fee. The first step is to add some variables:

Variable A: Base Price incl. Discounts

Copy/paste the equation from the formula in the first variable:

QA - QA * QB
IF (AND(QH>5000, QH < 50000),ROUNDDOWN(QH / 1000)*2.5,0)
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