ConvertCalculator Engines

FormulaScript, our calculation engine, is the heart of our product. We allow you to use FormulaScript separate from our builder interface with engines.

  • You can create the interface in the tool you prefer, know, and work with;
  • Create the calculations and logic in ConvertCalculator;
  • And connect both tools via an API or plugin connection.

Engines can enable many use cases, with some examples below:

  • Adding calculations to external tools like, Chat-bots, Intercom, and many more
  • Creating APIs like adding business logic on top of AirTable
  • Actions in automation tools like Zapier and

Inputs and Outputs

The main interface is divided into Inputs and Outputs. The Inputs have:

  • a reference that is adjustable
  • an optional default value
  • an example value that allows you to test the formulas in your outputs.

The outputs have:

  • a reference that is adjustable
  • a formula (you can use both input and output references in formulas)

When you create a new Engine, by default, two inputs and one output are created. You can easily update or delete the input and output references (hover to see the bin).

When you toggle the published switch, an API-url appears that you can use in the tool you want to integrate with. In you need to use their API connector.

Instruction video

See the video below for a basic example of implementation.

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