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Lead Generation Quiz: Capture and Qualify

Automate lead generation and qualification with a quiz. Create a standalone quiz landing page or embed an interactive quiz on your website to funnel leads on autopilot.

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Generate and qualify leads effortlessly

Quiz lead generation increases your chances of making a sale. Letting potential customers qualify themselves with our quiz funnel software helps you boost conversions.

Interact and engage with your audience

Interactive quizzes are a fun way to engage with your audience and keep them returning for more. You gather valuable information from potential leads.

Increase brand awareness

Promote your quiz to increase brand awareness and reach a wider audience. Interactive quiz results are highly shareable, further widening your reach.


Create any type of lead generation quiz

With our quiz funnel software, you can create any type of interactive quiz to convert more website visitors in potential customers.

Incentive Quiz example

Lead gen quiz to capture and qualify leads

Generating leads is one thing, but then you need to qualify them. Why not strike both off the list simultaneously with a lead gen quiz?

Capture and qualify leads on autopilot. Let users tell you if they’re interested in your business or not.

Boost audience engagement with an interactive quiz

Quizzes for lead generation are incredible for building an engaged audience. People interact with your content and have fun taking quizzes.

They get helpful results, and you gather valuable information. You create a strong connection and can follow up later.

Lead quizzes raise brand awareness

Creating free lead quizzes helps you to promote your brand. Interactive quizzes often get high engagement, and people love sharing the results.

This means our quiz maker can help you increase brand awareness while generating and qualifying leads.

and more

Our quiz funnel software has all the features you need to attract more customers

Customizable design

Ensure the design of your quiz matches your brand. Create highly customizable quizzes with our quiz funnel software. Maximize brand exposure.

Powerful form branching logic

Use our calculation engine to create advanced form branching and decision trees. Build any type of interactive quiz you need.

Integrate with your tools

Integrate with your favorite CRM to effortlessly follow up on leads.

Automate follow-up

Automate your follow-up emails to nurture your leads even more. Simplify the lead nurturing process and save time.


Dashboard and Lead Scoring

Create your own lead scoring dashboard for your sales team with our advanced no-code builder.

Mobile optimization

The device doesn’t matter. Building a quiz with ConvertCalculator ensures it always looks good.

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How our customers benefit from a lead generation quiz

"The software is easy to use, has great functionality and is easy customize in any website look and feel. The customer service is super efficient, friendly and helpful. I researched a number of competitors before choosing this one and none of them measured up in terms of all the features I needed."
Belinda P.

5 out of 5 stars

"It's a powerful tool for growth hackers to explore and design quizzes and other marketing tools. We used it as the first prototype of something we wanted to implement in our product and future acquisition campaigns. when you understand how to use the formula feature you can build whatever you want and embed it on your landing page without effort."
Pira S.
Marketing Manager

4.8 out of 5 stars

Ready to simplify the lead generation and qualification process for more conversions?

Let’s build an engaged audience and raise your brand awareness.

Quiz Landing Page

The struggle to qualify the best leads from the tire kickers is real. Spending valuable time and resources on leads who’ll never buy is frustrating. And an inefficient lead-qualification process can slow your sales and smother your growth.

You can’t afford to waste more time on leads unready to buy. They drain your time and resources, testing your patience (and sometimes your sanity). But there’s a way to generate leads and qualify them simultaneously.

Let the quiz landing page take center stage. It’s a lead magnet and a lead-qualification tool rolled into one interactive page of fun. You can engage your audience, gather their information, and gauge their buying interest in one go.

With ConvertCalculator’s quiz-maker software, it’s easy to create your quiz and embed it on a standalone landing page. Set your lead generation and qualification to autopilot. Effortlessly identify those who are ready to engage, streamline your sales process, and ignite real business growth.

Leave lead qualification headaches in the dark ages. Step into the light of automated lead generation and qualification.

10 Benefits of a Quiz Landing Page

  1. Audience segmentation: segment your audience based on responses, helping lead qualification.
  2. Brand Awareness: people often share interactive quizzes, increasing brand visibility.
  3. User experience: free lead quizzes leave a fantastic impression on your landing page.
  4. Personalization: users get personalized recommendations and results.
  5. Data collection: you get data on preferences, needs, and pain points.
  6. Entertainment: offers an interactive and engaging experience.
  7. Lead capture: an interactive quiz generates more leads.
  8. Conversions: guide users toward a desired action.
  9. Education: tell users about your business.
  10. Versatility: use them in any industry.

Lead Generation Quiz-Making Software

Every business owner wants to generate more leads. And a lead generation quiz is an outstanding way to get them. In the past, a lack of coding skills might’ve held business owners back from creating lead-generation quizzes.

Frustration built because potential leads were just out of reach. The inability to harness coding for lead generation was like having a safe full of cash without the combination to open it. They could see the flash of potential for business growth but couldn’t bottle the lightning.

Today, it’s different. You don’t need coding skills to use our lead-generation quiz making software. Harness the power of quizzes for lead generation - effortlessly capture, qualify, and engage leads. No coding needed.

We’ve caught lightning in a bottle, so you don’t have to. Take advantage of our powerful quiz-making software to unlock the full potential of your online lead generation.

What is a Quiz Lead Magnet?

A quiz lead magnet is a marketing strategy. It uses an interactive quiz as a valuable incentive to attract and capture leads.

Lead generation quizzes are a powerful way to encourage website visitors to engage with your content. They provide their contact information in exchange for taking an interactive quiz.

Here's how it works:

  1. Engaging Quiz: You create an engaging and relevant quiz with our quiz funnel software. Ensure it appeals to your target audience. The interactive quiz should relate to your products, services, or industry.
  2. Lead Capture: Visitors enter their contact information, typically their email address, to access the quiz. This step turns quiz takers into leads.
  3. Quiz Results: Users automatically receive customized results or recommendations based on their responses after completing the quiz. That adds value and personalizes their experience. And you get insights into their preferences, needs, and desires.
  4. Follow-Up: You can follow up with these newly captured leads. With insights into their behavior, you can nurture them with targeted content, offers, and information. This personalized approach increases the chances of converting these leads into customers.

A quiz lead magnet is super effective. You generate and qualify leads while providing an interactive and personalized experience. It offers users valuable insights or recommendations, making it a win-win for you and them.

FAQ: Lead Generation Quiz

What is a lead generation quiz?

A lead generation quiz is an online quiz or survey designed to get information from visitors to generate leads for your business. The quiz typically asks a series of questions about the user's interests, needs, and preferences. You use the responses to identify potential leads and provide them with more information about your services.

Lead generation quizzes are suitable for various industries. Effective ones are engaging and interactive, encouraging participation and increasing the chances of generating leads. You can use interactive quizzes on websites, social media platforms, or email marketing campaigns. It’s best to customize quizzes to fit the specific needs and goals of your business.

Overall, quizzes are an effective way for you to collect information about potential customers and generate leads in a fun and interactive way.

What types of quizzes can be created with ConvertCalculator?

You can create many different types of quizzes with ConvertCalculator.

Personality quizzes: Ask questions about the respondent's personality traits or characteristics, using the responses to generate personalized recommendations. You can use this data in the follow-up.

Assessment quizzes: Ask questions about the user's skills, knowledge, or experience in a particular area and use this to segment your leads before follow-up.

Needs-based quizzes: Ask questions about their needs or preferences to warm them up before your next outreach.

Interest quizzes: Ask questions about the user's interests and use that data to send them relevant content.

The most interesting thing about building quizzes with ConvertCaluclator is that you can use our calculation engine to create powerful and flexible quiz outcomes. These could be numbers, text, and images. But also charts and tables.

How to make a lead generation quiz?

You can create a lead generation quiz in 11 simple steps.

  1. Define Your Goals - Identify your objectives, considering the information you want to collect from your quiz takers. What do you want to achieve with this data?
  2. Know Your Audience - Understand your target audience. Note their pain points, interests, and preferences. This information will help you create a quiz that resonates with them.
  3. Choose a Quiz Format - Decide on the best type of quiz for your goals and audience. Common formats include personality quizzes, knowledge tests, and interest quizzes.
  4. Plan Your Questions - Write engaging and relevant questions that lead to meaningful insights. Keep questions clear, concise, and to the point.
  5. Create Outcomes - Develop personalized outcomes or results to offer quiz takers that are based on their responses. They should be valuable and insightful.
  6. Design Your Quiz - Use quiz-making software like ConvertCalculator to design your quiz. Include your questions, answer choices, and outcomes.
  7. Add Lead Capture - Use a lead capture mechanism in your quiz. Ask for contact information, such as an email, as part of the quiz-taking process.
  8. Test Your Quiz - Before going live, test your quiz to ensure it functions correctly and offers the desired results.
  9. Promote Your Quiz - Share your quiz on your website, social media, email newsletters, or even paid advertising. Let your target audience know about it.
  10. Follow-Up - Once you've captured leads through your quiz, have a follow-up plan in place to nurture them. Engage with leads based on their quiz responses and interests.
  11. Analyze Results - Regularly analyze the data you collect through the quiz. Look for patterns and insights to guide your sales and marketing strategy.

Quiz-making software like ConvertCalculator simplifies the process. We offer user-friendly interfaces and powerful tools for lead gen quiz creation.

Can I create and customize landing pages where I host my quiz?

Yes, we offer a "standalone" share feature where you can create entire web pages to share with your target audience.

Can I embed a quiz on my own website?

Yep! Create it, add the embed script to your website, and you’re good to go.