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ConvertCalculator offers a DIY drag and drop calculator form builder. The form builder includes all the question types you need. The sky is the limit. When your form is ready to go live, you can easily embed it on your website. Just copy-paste the embed code wherever you want to display the form on any page of your website. Simple as that!


All major features in ConvertCalculator

Formula builder

Create advanced formulas in a simple way with our formula builder. All Excel formulas are available out of the box. And create variables to reuse formulas or create datasheets to calculate with large tables of data.

Element types

We support a wide range of input and output elements. Have a quick look at some of the things you can do:

  • Range / Numbers: Ask for numbers in a variety of ways
  • Multiple choice: Let your users pick an answer from a list in multiple ways
  • Yes / No: Ask for yes / no questions in style
  • Text / Email: Ask for text or email questions
  • Order list: Let your customers pick out items with an online order form.
  • Dates: Ask for date(s) and calculate with the results
  • Places: Ask for location(s) and calculate with the results (distance or driving duration)
  • Files: Ask users to upload files is easy as pie
  • Signature: Let users sign-off on your form with a signature field
  • Coupon: A coupon code field lets you easily calculate a discount

Accept online payments

You can accept online payments directly from ConvertCalculator. This means you can start selling customisable products via your embeddable calculator form.

Smart forms with conditional logic

Show or hide questions, based on how the user fills in your form. Our show/hide logic, enabled through the formula builder, lets you create the flexible forms you need.

Create multiple page forms

With the view-breaks element, you can split up your calculator into multiple pages. This allows you to keep your calculation form simple and clean. With the auto-advance feature, you can even create a Typeform like form.

Integrate with 1000+ apps

Hubspot, Google Sheets, MailChimp, Stripe, you name it. ConvertCalculator is developed for easy integration with your sales tools. Besides our native integrations, you can connect to almost anything using Zapier.

Smart product configuration

Our Layered Images element, allows you to stack multiple images on top of each other. Separating and stacking the different elements of an image, allows you to create your own visual product configurator. All without code!

Add a call to action to your form

Capture more leads and customers by adding a call to action to your form. Your CTA can be a simple link or a form submission. You can even capture payments and subscriptions. Just add the button element to your form, and you're good to go: the perfect lead generation software!

The embedded form fits right in with your design

Because ConvertCalculator is embedded in your webpage, it will adapt to match your existing styles. By default your form is rendered as HTML on your site. This gives you total design freedom. Simply pick a primary color and your calculator will fit in with your chosen aesthetic.

Power-up your calculator with the developer API

Do you need to build something specific like a 3D model uploader or T-shirt product configurator? Then, get nerdy with the JavaScript Developer API! Don’t know how to code? Contact us in the chat and we might be able to build it for you.

For every device

The embedded calculator adjusts to your screen size and is therefore both desktop and mobile user friendly.

Custom development

Do your ambitions exceed the current functionality of the app? Let us know what you need and we might fast track your request.

24/7 support

We’re here to help 24/7 through our contact form, so you can spend your time growing your business.

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