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Create dynamic and interactive forms with conditional logic, that adapt to the way your audience answers each question. With our formula builder you can create smart, flexible web forms including complex decision trees. Offering a tuned interaction, creates clarity and encourages users to complete the form. Improving the number of responses, signups, leads and customers!

Show or hide fields based on your previous answers

With ConvertCalculator, you can create multiple branches in your order forms without effort. This powerful feature sets us apart from alternative form builders. Create smart and flexible web forms with complex decision trees. Make online quoting and ordering a breeze.

Multiple options? No problem!

We enable show/hide logic through formulas. The result? Endless optionality without losing your mind. Experience simplicity when building forms with multiple-option fields. Create dynamic forms without coding skills that adapt to how your audience answers each question.

Build forms with complex decision trees

Branches can also apply to a collection of fields. In this case, you want to toggle the collection on or off easily. That is where ConvertCalculator excels, making complex booking forms simple. Booking made easy for your customers!


Increase the IQ of your calculation form

Smart forms come in many shapes and sizes. See an example below.

Smart form example

and more

The power of Show/Hide Logic

Show/Hide Logic through formulas, lets you create the flexible forms you need.

Relevant questions

Only show the relevant questions by hiding the form element until the user gives a certain answer.

Hide results

Increase form conversions on your website. Hide the results until the user submits the form, giving you their contact information.

Simple & powerful

Create unique forms with the simplicity and UI of a Typeform combined with the power of Excel. Our smart forms fulfill the most complex use cases.

Ready to create a smart form in minutes?

Simplify ordering, booking, and more. Increase responses, signups, leads, and customers.

What Are Smart Forms?

Smart forms adapt and change in response to how users answer questions. They enhance the user experience, improve lead capture, and help you collect relevant information.

These are the key features of smart forms:

  1. Progressive Profiling
    • Smart forms can gradually collect user information over multiple interactions. They avoid overwhelming users with a long list of questions and ask for a few details at a time. This minimizes friction and increases the chances of users completing the form.
  2. Conditional Logic
    • Display or hide fields based on a user's previous responses. For example, say a user selects "I'm interested in Product A." The form can dynamically show questions related to Product A and hide questions related to other products.
  3. Real-Time Validation
    • These forms provide real-time validation and feedback as users enter data, reducing errors and streamlining the submission process. This reduces frustration for users.
  4. Data Pre-Fill
    • Smart forms can leverage known information about users to pre-fill fields. For example, information can be pre-filled if a user is logged in, saving time and effort.
  5. Adaptive Length
    • The length of smart forms can adapt based on user interactions with your business. New users visiting a site may see shorter forms, while returning users may encounter more detailed forms.
  6. Multi-step Format
    • Smart forms often have a multi-step format, with progress bars showing users how many steps remain. It makes lengthy forms feel more manageable.
  7. User Experience Optimization
    • With a more user-friendly experience, you can improve conversion rates with smart forms. Users are more likely to engage with and complete forms designed to minimize frustration.

Smart forms balance gathering information and respecting the user's time and patience. They’re valuable for lead generation, contributing to a positive user experience and enhancing efficiency.

7 Small Business Benefits

Small businesses can benefit significantly from using smart forms for lead generation and data collection. Here are 7 advantages:

  1. Higher Conversion Rates
    • Progressive profiling, conditional logic, and real-time validation result in higher conversion rates. Users are more likely to complete forms that are tailored to their needs and provide immediate feedback.
  2. Quality Lead Generation
    • With a conditional logic form builder, you ensure that leads provide relevant information. This means you capture more high-quality leads interested in your services.
  3. Time and Resource Savings
    • Automating lead segmentation and data collection saves time and resources. Spend less time manually categorizing leads and more time engaging with prospects.
  4. Personalization
    • This lets you contact prospects with relevant offers, increasing the chances of conversion.
  5. Data Accuracy
    • Real-time validation reduces errors. It ensures information is accurate and usable, crucial for effective lead nurturing and marketing campaigns.
  6. Competitive Advantage
    • Stand out from competitors by offering a more streamlined and user-friendly lead capture process and build trust with website visitors.
  7. Marketing Insights
    • Use collected data to get valuable insights into user behavior and preferences and refine your marketing strategies accordingly.

Smart forms help you streamline lead generation, improve lead quality, and enhance the user experience. They connect you with your target audience, giving you the insights to nurture leads into valued customers.

Common questions for building smart forms for your website with conditional logic

How does conditional logic work in a smart form?

Conditional logic, or Show/Hide logic, is a formula or calculation. If the result of the formula is 0 or FALSE, the form field is hidden. If it returns a valid number (non-0) the field is shown. Although simple, it's powerful for creating complex decision trees. It makes smart forms super effective.

Is it possible to create a relation between questions in an online form?

Yes, a relationship between questions is the foundation of our Show/Hide Logic. You can implement it by adding a condition or formula to the question you want to show or hide based on a previous answer, set of answers, or values.

Is it possible to hide the results of a formula until the smart form is submitted?

Yes, you can set up your form so that results are only visible after submission. Technically, this relies on a different mechanism than the Show/Hide Logic. For each result, you can activate the "Hide results before submission" toggle or input IS_SUBMITTED in your formula field. Doing so will hide the results when the form is not submitted and show them when it is.

Can I use conditional logic in a smart form that uses a multiple-selection question?

Yes, you can reference a multiple-selection question through the question reference and the answer reference. For instance, the formula reference for the 3rd option of Question A is QA{OC}.

Is it possible to show a form element based on a calculation?

Yes, the mechanism we use to show or hide elements is through our "formula builder." This approach allows you to show or hide a form element on the result of even the most advanced conditional logic.

Can I require additional fields based on previous answers?

Yes, on the form field that contains the conditional logic, you indicate whether the field is required or not. Users cannot submit forms if the value of a required field is empty or zero.

What pricing plan includes conditional logic?

The Show/Hide Logic, as we call it, is part of our Premium pricing plan.