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List fields allow you to create multiple-choice options on your forms. They can be presented in the form of dropdown lists, button groups and radio groups. Simple yet powerful - list fields allow you to offer customized selections to your customers and collect customized data using a friendly interface.

Improve Conversion Rates

Setting up clearly organized options helps your customers find what they need right there on the page. Convert or Capture the info you need instantaneously.

Quicker Decision Making

Provide user-friendly choices so your customers can make quick decisions. Multiple choice means fast, accurate input tailored to how you want it. Help customers get online quotes - fast!

Dynamic Options

Set up options that change depending on your customer's answers. Provide unique solutions tailored to each customer. For instance, with financial calculators.

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Add Multiple Choice Questions to Your Website Forms

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Collect exactly the information you need from your customers and change or update in minutes, any time


Saves Time

Save your customers time filling in forms and your time in data collection. Win Win!


With preset options the chance for error is eliminated. Users can quickly choose what they want from the list provided.

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Best practices for using multiple choice fields on web forms

Here are some best practices for using multiple choice fields effectively on web forms:

  • Keep the number of options manageable; having too many choices can confuse users.
  • Use clear, concise, and specific labels that are easy for users to understand.
  • Offer default selections where appropriate, resetting whenever a user rejects one.
  • Group related options together to make it easy for the user to understand.
  • Be sure to test your form to ensure that it is working correctly.
  • Integrate your multiple-choice field with other field types to fully leverage its power.

Dynamic Forms Demystified: Interactive Forms That Adapt on the Go!

Dynamic forms have the ability to adapt and change in real-time as users complete them. They guide users through each step of the form, resulting in a smoother form completion process.

Through validation rules, it's possible to verify data accuracy and ensure the quality of collected information.

Improve Usability: List fields enable your users to quickly select their desired option without having to manually type in the details, creating an easier and more efficient user experience.

Increase Accuracy: Ensure accurate data collection by eliminating potential spelling errors or mistyped information. Improve Conversion Rates: Providing customers with clear and organized options encourages better decision making for visitors and helps increase conversion rates.

Improve Customer Satisfaction: Help shorten the form-filling process for users, resulting in faster completion times and accurate availability of stock.

Versatile Design Options: Brand your estimate forms and choose from various options such as drop-down menus, checkbox lists, or radio buttons.

Automate Data Collection: Effortlessly collect the data you need. Add, remove and adjust fields as needed.

Practical Ways to Harness the Power of List Fields: Multiple choice list fields allow for easy collection of customer information and improve your customer's experience.

8 ways list fields can be used to enhance a website form:

Product Ordering

Dropdown menus on order forms give customers easy access to product information such as color and size. It allows them to quickly select the desired item for purchase.

Service Package Selection

Provide detailed packages and plans on the booking form, allowing visitors to make their desired selections from the dropdown menu in seconds.

Payment Types

Businesses may require customers to specify how they plan on paying; this selection can be listed in a dropdown menu for quick selections by the customer.

Product or service selection

Makes shopping more accurate and faster by allowing users to easily select products, services or packages they want to buy from a list of all available options.

Contact Reason

Allows users to categorize their queries or requests, easily directing their inquiry to the correct team, while also streamlining the support process.

Delivery Options

Companies offering a delivery service can allow customers to pick between delivery options like express delivery or regular delivery.

Country of residence

Useful for localizing website content or directing emails and notifications to the correct time zone. Industry Classification: Quickly categorize customers and visitors according to their profession or industry type.


What are multiple choice fields?

Multiple choice fields are a type of input field commonly used on web forms that allow users to select one or more options from a set of choices. These fields present the user with a list of predefined options, and the user simply selects the option they want from the list.

How do I use multiple choice fields on a web form?

Using multiple choice fields on a web form is a simple process. As the form designer, you can add multiple choice fields to your form wherever you want users to be able to select from a list of options. Once you've added the multiple choice field, you can customize the available options in a list.

What are the benefits of using multiple choice fields on a web form?

Multiple choice fields offer a number of benefits for both the user and the form designer. For users, these fields can help speed up the form completion and decision-making process by offering predefined options that eliminate the need for users to manually enter text. For the form designer, multiple choice fields can help to encourage more accurate data collection and can provide insights into user preferences and behavior.

How do I create a multiple choice field on a web form?

Get going easily by following these steps:

  • Go to your convertcalculator form builder and open your form
  • Select ‘Add Element’.
  • From the ‘Basic Elements’ panel select the type of field you would like. You can choose from Dropdown, Multiple Choice, Radio Group and, Button Group.
  • Then type in your list of options. You can add as many options as you need.
  • Choose your default option
  • Make sure to label your field and provide clear instructions to help users understand what they are selecting if needed
  • Preview your form to ensure everything is how you want it.