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No-code products like ConvertCalculator take a visual approach to software development. Most no-code tools offer various application components that you can drag and drop to a canvas to create an application. 'Smart' applications need business logic. However, business logic and no-code apps have a difficult relationship. Complex business logic exists as a set of written-out instructions and is therefore difficult to visualize. But writing instructions (coding) goes against the no-code approach. The 'coding' language, no matter how simple, will take time and effort to learn. There needs to be a better way, and there is a better way!

Logic layer for no code tools

In ConvertCalculator you create business logic in a language you are already fluent in: Excel formulas! Our logic and calculation engine, named FormulaScript, is the core of our product. We make our logic engine available to use with other no-code apps via CC Engines.

Supports all Excel functions, and more!

The Engines interface contains inputs and outputs. The values of your inputs are set by form fields, like a number or range slider element. Outputs contain your formulas. The output-references can be uses in other formulas to reuse formulas.

Connect an Engine to your favourite no-code tool

With Engines, you can use any no-code tool to build a calculator form. Just connect your favorite tool like to ConvertCalculator, to use our powerful logic and calculation engine.

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