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Use layered images to create product configurators: WOW your customers

Selling complex products? Let your customers configure and visualize their products using layered images to create a product configurator. Easily create complex configurations that load quickly. Your competitors are doing it - so can you.

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Product configurators are made up of layered Images that the customer toggles on and off with the choices they make. This allows them to visualize their end product based on available product options. Try the example above to see how it works. Using a product configurator allows you to set up complex products so customers can design their dream item simply in a fun, interactive way.

Get more leads

  • Check out how Ellio blew their customers' socks off, and quadrupled leads for their custom e-bike using a ConvertCalculator product configurator.
  • Differentiate from competitors by setting up a well designed configurator to help you stand out and attract more leads.
  • Higher perceived value: customized products are perceived as more valuable than standard ones. More interest = more leads.
  • Get more social shares: customers are more likely to share their personalized products because they feel a sense of ownership and pride in what they have created.

Complex configurators made easy

  • Forget about using one image for every product configuration
  • Combine multiple image layers in one product image
  • Create complex configurators with ease
  • Capture accurate customer orders 24/7
  • Simple drag and drop to create - no coding

A unique customer experience

  • Create an interactive product configurator that’s fun to use
  • Don’t describe your products - show them
  • Impress customers with a beautiful design
  • Wow with an engaging visual experience
  • Let visitors make choices and see instant results


Check out how layered images work in a product configurator

Handbag Configurator example

and more

Selling Complex Products Doesn’t Need to be Hard

Easy Setup

Create stunning product configurators with no coding experience. Click to set up a beautiful product configurator - embed it into your website in minutes.

Wow Customers

A picture is worth a thousand words. So imagine what layered images are worth. Let your customers interact with your products and see their final product right there on the screen.

Sell Faster

Speed up the sales process by simplifying decision-making with easy customization options. Seeing the final product removes doubt leading to a quicker buying journey.

Make Selling Complex Products Simple

Easily use layered images to show off your fantastic products. Thrill your customers - sell faster now.

What Are Layered Images?

Layered images are digital images with multiple transparent or semi-transparent layers stacked on top of each other. Each layer has specific visual elements, such as parts of a product, that make up the complete image.

You can independently edit, modify, or hide each layer in a layered image without affecting the other layers. These images are easy to manipulate and customize, making them incredibly flexible.

By controlling the visibility of the layers, you can create a unique image. It depends on which layers you choose to show.

For instance, you could choose different image layers of a product image - say, a handbag. Picking different elements like handle and body designs gives you a unique image of the end product.

Using layered images is excellent for selling complex products. Customers can choose the specifications they need and see an image of the final product.

How Layered Images Benefit You

  • Interactive product configurators- layered images are essential to configurators. Customers can visually customize products, involving them in the process and keeping them engaged. This increases customer satisfaction and boosts sales.
  • Visual product customization - you can show customizable products to your customers. They can choose specifications and see how their products will look. You keep your customers informed and increase confidence in your products.
  • Streamline sales processes - your customers can view different variations of your products on the spot. They don’t need to call or email back and forth to get what they need. This convenience saves everyone time and makes the sales process easier.

Adjustable attributes with a product configurator

Products with many variables can be displayed simply in a product configurator.

Once you have your product configurator set up and running, your customers can use it to help them choose the options available and see their final product before purchase.

Here is a list of common variables for inspiration:

  • Color: Set up available product colors so customers can see which one suits them best.
  • Material: Set up different material options. For example a furniture product could offer wood types like oak, maple, or cherry.
  • Size: Does your product come in various sizes? Setup images of the small, medium and large version so customers can guage which is right for their needs.
  • Components: Allow customers to add, remove, or swap components of a product, such as accessories or parts.
  • Patterns and designs: Let users toggle between different patterns and designs. Putting the fun back into online shopping.
  • Custom text or images: Let your customers personalize their product with text or images for an individualized experience.
  • Functionality: Allow customers to choose between different features or functions that affect the product's performance. For example when customizing a laptop, users could select processor types, RAM capacity, storage options, and graphics cards to optimize the device for their specific needs. In the case of a bicycle configurator, customers could choose between different gear systems, brake types, suspension options, and wheel sizes to configure the bike exactly how they want it.

Layered Images: Frequently Asked Questions

How do layered images work?

Layered images stack on top of each other to create a configuration. People often use them for customizable products, so we’ll use that as an example.

You need to divide layered images into different parts that make the final product. You should consider every possible combination of the customizable product.

On ConvertCalculator, the images should be a . PNG file. They need a transparent or semi-transparent background so the parts below are visible when you layer the images.

Why should I use layered images?

You should use layered images because they display configurations more efficiently. Adding images for each configuration individually is way more inefficient.

Imagine you have a product with six designs. And each one has six customizations. Using layered images is more efficient.

For example:

  • Layered: 6 + 6 + 6 + 6 = 24 images
  • Individual: 6 x 6 x 6 x 6 = 1296 images

That’s a massive difference. Layered images will save you a lot of time and effort.

How can a product configurator benefit my business?

Your business will benefit from a product configurator in various ways. Here are five:

1. Increased conversions - let customers see customized products and boost sales.

2. Better customer experience - engage customers with an interactive experience.

3. Faster sales process - customers pick what they need, removing buyer’s doubt.

4. Customer insights - collect customer behavior data and identify popular products.

5. Competitive edge - differentiate your service from other businesses.