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April 22, 2022
Updated: January 26, 2024

How Ellio quadrupled inbound leads with a product configurator

Ellio reveals how ConvertCalculator helped them improve online lead generation and simplify their sales processes.

Ellio’s Story So Far

Ellio is a Belgian speed pedelec manufacturer that aims to revolutionize the e-bike industry by incorporating automotive technology into a new breed of e-bikes.

The engineering duo of Tomas Keppens and Jorrit Heidbuchel formally launched the Ellio brand in 2020 after working on a couple of prototypes for several years. Both founders have extensive backgrounds in vehicle engineering which they use to their advantage when developing new products. Their primary goal is to create a safe, comfortable, and very reliable modern e-bike.

They currently have a small range of e-bikes that feature modern automotive technologies such as All-Wheel Drive (AWD), Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), Regenerative braking, Intelligent brake control, and Cruise/speed control.

Educating potential customers about a new and innovative product like this can be very difficult — especially for a startup that has limited marketing reach and smaller resources for customer service and sales.

Ellio needed a quick and easy way to communicate what features and options are available on each of their products without having to bombard customers with a mountain of spec sheets.

As you can imagine, it is important for a young brand like Ellio to treat every visitor with care and maximize the possibility of turning them into a lead.

Before ConvertCalculator, interested visitors would have to perform the following steps to get a quote:

  1. Look for their contact info on the site.
  2. Leave a message asking for a quote.
  3. Wait for a callback from sales to discuss the available options.

This entire process took a lot of time, for both Ellio and their customers! This is why they started their search for a better solution. Which they found in a product-calculator-lead-form build with ConvertCalculator.

Ellio’s E-Bike Product Configurator

As a solution to their problem, Ellio created an e-bike product configurator. Similar to the ones you would normally see on car manufacturer and car dealership websites.

Their product page first lists the base price of the featured e-bike and has a ‘Configure’ button that leads to a calculator form that they designed and build from scratch in ConvertCalculator.

Using a drop-down menu visitors could pick which e-bike model they wanted to customise and select options such as Performance level, Color, Suspension Type, Steering and Battery Storage. This approach allows site visitors to quickly discover and explore the different options and upgrades that are available for each e-bike model.

After choosing their ideal setup, users are required to enter their name and contact info and submit the form before the price is visible in the calculator. Showing results until after submission is a perfect way to score more leads.

The product configurator saves customers from researching and reading through different pages just to figure out what other options and features were available for the bike. The product configurator gives instant clarity on the possibilities and costs involved. It’s also a great way to get potential customers excited about the e-bike’s potential and to upsell options.

One of the main benefits that the team at Ellio experienced was that the calculator lowered the barriers that potential customers were facing when trying to better understand and gain more insight into the product.

It also made the website more interactive and user-friendly and kept visitors engaged with the product and its brand.

Why Did Ellio Pick ConvertCalculator?

When researching solutions, Ellio stumbled upon ConvertCalculator and quickly learned it could do everything they need.

They immediately noticed the ConvertCalculator platform is very easy-to-use and set up in a short amount of time. The free trial and flexible pricing model also made their cost of entry very low — which was also one of their primary considerations.

Most of the other options they explored were either too expensive or were difficult to customize without paid consultation.

What surprised them the most was how easy to use ConvertCalculator's rule engine was. It allowed them to design the fairly sophisticated online product configurator that they had in mind, without the help of a developer.

Founder Jorrit Heidbuchel: “we found the entire experience with ConverCalculator very simple and straightforward, but also very effective and flexible. And the results were very professional looking and fit perfectly with the professional brand image we were trying to project.”

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