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Splitting your form into separate pages will boost conversion. ConvertCalculator supports several ways to create multi-page forms. Want to hide the results until after submission? Or do you want to create a Typeform like form? Then you are in the right place with our calculator builder. So go ahead, create your account and build your first online calculator form. Without coding you can create easy to customise forms that you can embed on any website.

Hide results until after submission

An excellent way to increase your forms conversion is to hide the calculation results until after submission. By guarding your price quote, savings or ROI calculations, you will land more high quality leads.

Reduce friction with auto-advance

With auto-advance enabled, your form will automatically jump to the next view upon answering a question. This mode is perfect for creating Typeform like forms. Oh, and unlike others, we are fine with multiple questions per page.

Break it up to boost conversion

There is a real science to high converting forms. Creating a form with a simple question upfront, impacts the number of users that start the form. Also, more users tend to finish multi-step forms. Because people are programmed to finish what they started.


More pages, more fun!

Keep your forms clean and interesting by arranging the questions over several pages.

Lead qualification - multi pages example

and more

To break up, or not to break up

Bring in 2x more leads with multi-step forms

Powerful integrations

Hubspot, MailChimp, Slack, Stripe, you name it. We integrate with 1000+ apps through Zapier.

Any platform, anywhere

Set up in minutes on any website. ConvertCalculator integrates with every platform with 100% mobile support.

Simple & powerful

Unique forms with the simplicity and UI of a Typeform combined with the power of Excel.

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Common questions for multi-page forms

What is a multi-page form?

Multi-page forms are forms with multiple questions,that are broken up by separate pages, sections or views. Multi page forms can display a single question - or a collection of questions - over multiple views. Multi-page forms allow you to quickly and easily collect additional information outside of a name and email.

What is the advantage of a multi-page form?

Multi-page forms - also referred to als multi-step forms - increase landing page conversions. They reduce psychological friction without overwhelming visitors. They help your visitors avoid the Goldilocks Syndrome and kick in the endowed progress effect. What does this mean?

  • Large forms place a mental burden on your website visitors. This makes them less inclined to start the form.
  • The Goldilocks Syndrome dictates that long forms deter prospects from completing them. These disadvantages are mitigated by multi step forms.

  • Multi-step forms trigger the endowed progress effect. This is a cognitive bias where people become more committed after making progress towards a goal.

Step by step progress makes users more likely to complete the entire form and convert through the CTA button at the end.

How do I create a multi-page form?

With ConvertCalculator you can break up your form into multiple sections by inserting one or multiple "View Break elements". You can configure the view break in several ways to create a tailored experience. You can even activate the auto-advance feature on each view break. In this way your form will automatically jump to the next view upon answering a question.