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Need a quick, easy way to collect files without clogging up your inbox? Use file upload forms to accept files simply and securely.

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"Any website needs a calculator!"

Accept documents, videos, photos and more and store them free in your ConvertCalculator account. ConvertCalculator accepts Larger file sizes of 100MB per upload. Drag and Drop to create. Use for Submissions, Applications, Media Sharing and more

Your Storage Needs Covered

  • Larger file size 100MB per upload
  • Store files free in your account
  • Secure file storage

Fully Customizable

  • Option to restrict file types accepted
  • Set as a required field if needed
  • Create custom text for all fields and buttons
  • Embed on any website

Automate your workflow

  • Collect customer information
  • Eliminate email processes
  • Keep your inbox clutter-free


Make Your Workflow a Breeze by Bypassing Your Inbox

Do you accept Job Applications, Healthcare intake forms, Large media files, or carry out online Onboarding Processes? Create a simple workflow using website forms like this tailored to your business.


and more

Make Everyones' Life Easier

Easier for your Customers

Simple drag and drop for your users to upload their files. Users can upload multiple files at once (up to 20 files). Huge file upload limit of 100MB

Setup is a Breeze…

Drag and drop - no coding required. Brand it with your brand and colors. Get going in minutes.

Increase Accuracy

By offering a standardized upload process for documents, the chances of errors in data processing and record keeping are significantly reduced.

Give Your Inbox a Break

Easily create file upload forms in no time using our drag-and-drop form builder, and start accepting uploads now!

Your questions answered about adding File Upload to your website

What is a file upload form?

A file upload form is a field on a website form that allows your users to upload files to you. It’s an easy way to accept larger files or accept multiple file submissions and store them all securely in one place.

How do I add a file upload form to my website?

From your ConvertCalculator form builder, you can drag and drop a ‘File Upload’ element to your form. Hit publish and you’re good to go.

What types of files can be uploaded using this form?

You can accept or limit the type of files your users can upload. Any file type can be uploaded to your account.

Where do I find my uploaded files?

Your files will be available in the Submissions area of your dashboard.

Are there any size limits for uploading files?

Yes, ConvertCalculator has one of the highest upload limits available of 100MB per upload.