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What are you selling today? Online restaurant orders, subscription boxes, want to collect a downpayment on a price quote, or want your customers to configure their product and buy straight away? Let your calculator form figure out the price, connect your Stripe account to ConvertCalculator and you are good to go! Your sales proces does not stop with the payment. Need to send an automatic order confirmation email to your customer? Want to add the customer details to your CRM like Hubspot? How about syncing the order with your accounting software? You are in the right place; this can all be accomplished with ConvertCalculator as well.

Start selling in minutes

ConvertCalculator helps you boost sales and get paid. No matter what you’re selling. No matter how complex the pricing model. Even if customers need to configure products, you can sell them with ConvertCalculator. Let your customers get prices and start accepting international payments in minutes.

Use a shopping cart

Are you selling multiple products in one session and need to add products to a shopping cart? With our integration with Snipcart, you can set up a custom e-commerce with ease.

Accept recurring payments

Does your pricing model include daily, weekly, monthly or yearly payments? We've got you. Set up your calculator form to collect recurring payments and off you go!


Start selling, make money

Are you taking online orders, selling digital downloads or subscriptions? Easily accept payments via Stripe.

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Hubspot, MailChimp, Slack, Stripe, you name it. We integrate with 1000+ apps through Zapier.

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Set up in minutes on any website. ConvertCalculator integrates with every platform with 100% mobile support.

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Unique forms with the simplicity and UI of a Typeform combined with the power of Excel.

Boost sales, get paid

Connect your Stripe account and off you go

Common questions for building payment forms for your website

How do I set-up payments with ConvertCalculator?

We facilitate payments through Stripe. Stripe is a complete payments platform, engineered for growth. From e-commerce stores, to subscription businesses, to platforms and marketplaces, Stripe offers a complete stack for all your payment needs across channels. With 135+ currencies and dozens of payment methods Stripe makes it easy to launch new markets and add your customers’ preferred way of paying to increase conversion abroad.

Connecting your Stripe account is easy. Go to your account settings, click connect Stripe and authenticate our app. You can include payments in your form by inserting a button. Go to the button settings and toggle on "Use as form submission" and "Checkout (Payments)".

Can I also collect payments with Paypal?

Currently, we do not facilitate payments through Paypal. Don't be shy and reach out. We love to learn why offering Stripe alone is insufficient.

How do I set up subscriptions?

To set up subscriptions, you need to toggle on one more setting in your button settings: "Subscriptions". You can then set the subscription interval from daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Can I add a discount on a yearly subscription?

Yes you can! Remember that our product is build around formulas. In this case you would add a switch-element or a multiple choice requesting the subscription period to be monthly or yearly. You then add two buttons. One with the monthly subscription setting and one for a yearly subscription setting. By adding show/hide-logic on the buttons you only show the button associated with the plan chosen. And by using conditional logic in your formula, you can then add a discount for the yearly plan.

How do I set up a shopping cart?

Sometimes you need to sell other products, offer other payment methods, or want a richer buying experience. If this is the case we recommend to use Snipcart. It's one of the best eCommerce solutions out there, and by far the most flexible. Please follow our documentation on how to setup our Snipcart integration.