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For birthdays, office events, wedding budget calculators, and more, you can create it with this template. Automating the boring part of the event planning sales process.

This event planner calculator helps gives your potential clients a quote in a few minutes. This is not the only thing, you can receive this form in your inbox, and send a copy to your customer.

No Event Too Large Or Too Small

Whether it's a large, glamorous wedding, a trade conference with thousands of attendees, or a small meeting or luncheon, event planning can be a nerve-wracking process. It requires juggling and orchestrating tiny details, which can remain the same for events that involve thousands of guests or a small gathering of six.

A host or event planner needs to consider: seating or booth layouts, refreshments, tokens and souvenirs, entertainment, decorations, and even what tableware to use, among dozens of small and big decisions. Today's "new normal" has magnified the problems most hosts and event planners face and emphasizes the need for more event planning tools that can help streamline the decision-making process.

Here at ConvertCalculator, we always believe "we have a calculator for that." A website calculator gives event planners and hosts an indispensable tool that can help make decisions easier.

And gives an event planner's customer, the host of the event, a unique buying experience and allows them to quickly decide whether to include or exclude an item in their checklist. Meanwhile, the event planner has a tool that crushes the competition, gets you more bookings, and streamlines the quote process!

An Event Planner's Skillset

Regardless of the size or nature of an event, all event planners have a mix of required skills needed to carry out a successful event. The same goes for the DIY host who intends to set a budget before settling on the services of a particular event planner. Here are a few of those skills:

Organizational skills - chaos is a no-no in this profession, and you'll need to be able to effortlessly rely on a process and method of keeping the team together.

Communication - you can't afford to have a communication breakdown and will need to communicate well and establish rapport quickly with everyone - hosts, donors, sponsors, brides and mothers-in-law, vendors, suppliers, etc.

Network savvy- you'll be relying on a network of suppliers - event venues, caterers, wait staff, and many others so you can put together a memorable event. You'll also have to have a network of clients, clients' friends and relatives, and other personal contacts to ensure a steady stream of bookings!

Client-first approach and a can-do attitude - you'll have to put your client's needs and make sure they're happy, and this means having a can-do attitude, no matter how ridiculous their requests can be.

Problem-solving skills - you'll encounter hiccups along the way, but they should not be a big deal for you. You'll be able to solve these problems quickly, without your clients' knowledge at times.

Budgeting and negotiating skills - you're excellent at putting together a budget and negotiating each item in your budget. As an art form, skilled negotiating means you're coming in prepared and able to handle delicate egos with confidence and tact. Budgeting, meanwhile, requires good forecasting skills and juggling seemingly "minor" details like invoices.

Multitasking skills - you can only rely on a team so far, in case you even have this luxury. Ultimately, you'll have to handle all the little details your clients require and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Leadership skills - you'll be commanding a small army of suppliers and vendors and orchestrating them towards that memorable event for a client. You'll have to earn their trust and know whom and when to delegate to get things done.

Passion and enthusiasm - though not skills per se, passion, and enthusiasm, can make or break your success in the event planning industry. You'll need to translate these ethereal concepts so that they are tangible in everything you do!

Creativity - this not only means you'll need to be imaginative in your proposals to clients, but it also means being creative in solving the various constraints and limitations imposed by your client. Although this skill sort of ties everything together, it's wrong to think this is inborn and can develop over time!

Tech-savviness - this doesn't mean you'll need to stay on top and apply every tech trend that comes up. However, it means you can grasp the importance of an emerging trend (think back to the beginnings of RFID, Bluetooth, and QR codes, for example) and use it, if necessary, in your next unique event.

A great event planner should score well in all the skillsets mentioned. To be sure, some will score highly in some but not all.

Not to worry, though. Many of these skills can be learned and developed as the event planner gains more experience in the industry. To this end, one needs another important skill -- having a broad overview of how the events industry works.

Essentially, it means you're aware of how the different elements independently tick, such as how florists negotiate their prices or where to look for good speakers, security personnel, DJs, string quartets, or even wedding singers!

An Event Planner's To-Do List

While no two events will be exactly alike, we also previously said that - whether it's a big trade event or an intimate wedding or meeting - the essential to-do list of an event planner remains the same. Here are some of those to-do items and decision points that an event planner should pin down before submitting a quotation for any event.

Guest lists

The scale of the event usually depends on the number of guests and affects everything else. Of course, the presence of VIPs and celebrities makes your job that much more exciting. Pin this one down early!

Event dates

How much preparation time you have is another consideration you will want to pin down early. Typically, 12 months or more for large gatherings and up to six months for smaller ones.

Event locations and venue choices

The days of having an event at the usual venues are over, which means you don't have to have a conference at a hotel, a trade exhibit at an exhibition hall, a church wedding, or a concert at a stadium. Today, you can hold a rock concert at a heritage site, a wedding literally up in the clouds, conferences in the middle of the desert, or races at wineries -- the choices for event locations are almost limitless. These days, the more unique they are, the better.

Event refreshments

Hors d'oeuvres or plated dinners, hot dogs on a bun or caviar on toast, beer, soda, or, fine wines -- just like the venue, the choices are staggering. The different price points are also just as staggeringly diverse.

Event entertainment, speakers, or gimmicks, including decorations

Like the event locations and refreshments, entertainment and gimmicks are a favorite event components that most event planners are excited to consider and propose to clients. Herein lies the creative sparks which can spell success or failure for an event planner.

Event staff

Your staffing requirements before, during, and after an event are an essential component of your event budget. You have your pre-planning team, a logistics team, a delivery crew, wait staff, entertainers and speakers, venue ushers, security, a clean-up crew, and many more. Depending on the scale of the events you handle, you'll have any number of these people at each event.

Event technologies

These days, event planning has embraced technology to make things easier for everyone. You can now save on printed invitations by sending an e-vite. You can control participants' or attendees' entries and exits with ubiquitous RFID technology, something that was unheard of just a couple of decades ago. Gigantic, networked LED screens are also commonly seen at events, which used to be prohibitively expensive during the early days of their use.

The list above is by no means exhaustive. It's simply a tiny glimpse into the number of decision points an event planner makes. Even as a host, aka the financier of the event, and you have an event planner at your side working on all the behind-the-scenes decisions, an event's success boils down to budgeting and planning.

And this is where ConvertCalculator can help you!

ConvertCalculator's event planning cost estimator

As each component of a planned event changes, so will your event budget. And changes can make pinning your event planner quotes a total nightmare! Sure, as a professional event planner, you probably have all your price points for each event component memorized by heart.

Your event host, however, surely won't. We've heard of horror stories about brides and mothers-in-law, dinner hostesses, company bosses -- an event planner's typical client -- changing their minds about something or other at the last minute.

Why not give them a custom party planner calculator or event budget calculator to quickly help them determine a price point whenever they change their mind? You'll be automating the boring part of the event planning sales process. So you can focus on the more critical part -- such as brainstorming for your next event!

All calculator templates are mobile-friendly, so a potential customer can request a party planning quote or calculate party planner costs from any device.

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