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Use this price quote calculator template to automate your quoting process for your screen printing business. It will save you hours of time otherwise spend quoting, and will boost revenue. It will also delight your customers.

Customize this template to match the pricing logic with ConvertCalculator's powerful quote tool. If you can implement the pricing logic with Excel, you can implement it on ConvertCalculator, due to our powerful calculation engine. Also, adapt the calculator to your companies branding with our beautiful and easy to use editor.

Put this template on your website, or launch it as a landing page. Drive traffic to it and generate quote requests in minutes.

Commonly asked questions about price quote calculators in screen printing

How hard is it to implement pricing logic in a quote tool?

Most form builders that offer calculation tools make it super simple to add calculations to a form. The downside is that 9 out of 10 times, it's too limited. ConvertCalculator uses "Formulas", which look a lot like Excel formulas, to implement calculations. So if you know Excel (and you probably do), it will be easy to implement and super powerful!

Can I also use this for lead generation for my screen printing business?

Yes! You don't have to display your final price to your customers. You can customize it however you prefer. A lot of our customers choose to hide a price for the potential customers at first. This way, you don't have to calculate the price manually, but don't have to lay all your cards on the table right away.

Is it possible to automate sales proposal documents with ConvertCalculator?

Yes! It's possible to create an entire sales funnel that starts with a lead capture form and ends with a signable quote document. It's all up to you.

Is this screen printing price quote calculator template not what you are looking for?

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