Legendary Screen Printing Cost Quote Companion template

This template is the quote companion from the legendary screen printing cost calculator by cloak-work.com. Getting the template up and running is as easy as copy-and-pasting the right values from the cost excel to the calculator.

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This template is the perfect companion for the Cost Calculator sheet by Cloak-Work.com. You can get the template up and running by:

  1. copy your 5 variables for the total cost per unit, cost per impression, cost per screen, cost per order, and cost per screen/per impression from the Excel sheet to the calculator datasheet
  2. set your own colors and font settings in the calculator style menu
  3. set your own email on the submission button
  4. set the profit margin (variable VG). You can adjust the profit margin to the number of items selected, by introducing another datasheet and using a VLOOKUP-function.

Optionally, you can...

  1. activate the third and fourth print location by dragging it out of their container
  2. update the garment selection with the garments your shop offers
  3. add or remove questions and change the structure of the form

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