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Offer 24/7 wedding price quotes by tailoring this template to your business. Add your own pricing, branding, and embed it on your website--- or use it standalone as part of your marketing efforts.

Craft a transparent wedding photography quote for your website by breaking down services, setting your pricing structure, and emphasizing your unique offerings.

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Key Features

The sky is the limit with this template, but here are the core features you can use to make your life a lot easier:

  • Powerful conditional logic so you can ask your visitors relevant questions only

  • Dropdown, Multiple Choice, Radio Group and Button Group input options

  • Setup your wedding photography packages for visitors to choose from

  • Google Places element for error free address entry

  • Or list your per hour wedding photography price

  • Go from quote to booking with a signature field

  • Offer your extra services, such as

    • Second photographer

    • Engagement photos

    • Pre-wedding photography

    • Post wedding photography

    • Photo booth

    • Video photography

    • Drone photography

    • Accept payment

  • Integrate with your booking system

  • Integrate with your email system

Terms and Conditions to Safeguard Your Services

When it comes to wedding photography, having fundamental terms and conditions in your quote template is a good idea to safeguard both yourself as the photographer and the couple.

Here are some key factors to consider including:

  • Cancellation policies,

  • Copyright/usage rights

  • Limitations of liability

Cancellation Policy

Specifying cancellation guidelines in your quote is essential to anticipate and mitigate losses. Include details of possible charges should the customer withdraw and any deadlines for doing so.

Protect your intellectual property rights by being clear about the ownership of the pictures' copyrights and any limitations for image sharing or commercial use are clearly stated.

Limitation of Liability

When preparing your quote template, it's important to include a clause about limitations of liability. This details the extent to which you can be held accountable for any difficulties that may arise during wedding photography such as technical problems, missed shots or delivery delays.

Automate your follow-up

Once your visitor has filled in their online quote you will receive a notification on your dashboard. You can then follow up by SMS or email to confirm their chosen date or give them more details.

This process can be automated by integrating with your bookings calendar which will remove the 'race to respond' you have probably been going through until now.

Setup Confirmation Emails

It is important to confirm the booking information with your clients via email. This includes:

  • When, where, and what time the wedding will be

  • Details of the engagement session, if requested

  • Name of the wedding photographers

  • The package inclusions

  • Any special requests

  • The wedding photographer cost

  • Payment schedule

Integrating your email platform with our software is easy and will facilitate the automation of this process. With confirmation details in black and white, any discrepancies can be resolved by referring back to them.

Schedule the booking

By connecting your booking system to our platform you will be able to go from quote to booking with the click of a button.

From your website, you will also be able to get a signature and collect a deposit at the same time.

Wedding photography quote template FAQ

How do you write a photography quote?

To write a photography quote, you can start off with our wedding photography quote template and include the following information:

  • Client Information: Include the client's name and contact details.

  • Your Information: Add your name, business name, and contact information.

  • Services Description: Clearly list the photography services you will provide (e.g., event coverage, portrait session).

  • Duration of Service: Specify the time and date of the photography session.

  • Pricing Breakdown: Itemize costs for each service (e.g., shooting time, editing, prints). Be transparent about all charges.

  • Additional Costs: Mention any potential extra costs (travel expenses, special equipment rental).

  • Delivery Details: State how and when the final photographs will be delivered.

  • Expiration Date: Include the quote's validity period.

  • Terms and Conditions: Outline payment terms, cancellation policy, and copyright information.

  • Signature Lines: Provide space for both parties to sign and date the quote.

How do I get more wedding photography leads?

To get more wedding photography leads, consider these strategies:

  • Networking: Connect with wedding planners, venues, and other vendors. Attend bridal shows and industry events.

  • Online Presence: Optimize your website for search engines (SEO). Regularly update it with your latest work and client testimonials.

  • Social Media Marketing: Use platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to showcase your wedding photography. Engage with followers.

  • Referral Program: Offer incentives to past clients for referring new clients.

  • Collaborations: Team up with other wedding professionals for styled shoots to get exposure.

  • Targeted Advertising: Use paid ads on social media and Google, targeting engaged couples in your service area.

  • Wedding Directories: List your services on popular wedding directories and websites.

  • Blogging: Share wedding stories and tips on your blog to attract couples through engaging content.

  • Email Marketing: Send newsletters with your latest work, special offers, and wedding tips to your subscribers.

  • Quality Portfolio: Maintain a high-quality, diverse portfolio that showcases your best wedding photos and unique style.

How can I make my wedding photography quote template more visually appealing and professional?

As a wedding photographer, you need to provide visually appealing, professional quotes. Here are some ways to achieve that:

Consistent Branding: Use your company's color scheme and logo. Ensure consistency with other business documents.

Clean Layout: Adopt a simple, uncluttered layout. Use white space effectively to avoid a crowded look.

Readable Fonts: Choose clear, professional fonts. Stick to a maximum of two different fonts.

Hierarchy of Information: Use headings, bold text, or different font sizes to distinguish important information (like total cost, client name).

Borders and Lines: Use subtle borders or lines to separate different sections of the quote.

High-Quality Paper: If printing, use high-quality paper to give a more professional feel.

Personal Touch: Add a personal note or a thank you message to build rapport with the client.

Infographics or Icons: Use simple icons or infographics to represent services or timelines, if applicable.

Digital Presentation: If sending digitally, ensure the document is formatted correctly for various devices.

Proofread: Ensure there are no spelling or grammatical errors.

The goal is to make the quote easy to read and professional.

How do I stand out from other wedding photographers in my area?

To stand out from other wedding photographers in your area:

Unique Style: Develop and showcase a photography style that sets you apart. This could be through your shooting technique, editing style, or the way you tell a story through your photos.

Exceptional Customer Service: Provide an outstanding experience from the first contact to the delivery of photos. Personal touches, responsiveness, and going above and beyond can make a big difference.

Specialize: Consider specializing in a niche within wedding photography (like destination weddings, elopements, or cultural weddings).

Innovative Packages: Offer unique packages or services that others don't, such as drone photography, same-day edits, or custom album designs.

Build Relationships: Network with wedding vendors and venues to get referrals. Building a strong network can be a major source of business for wedding photographers.

Online Presence: Have an impressive, user-friendly website and active social media profiles. Regularly update your portfolio and engage with followers.

Client Testimonials: Showcase positive reviews and testimonials from past clients prominently on your website and social media.

Professional Development: Continuously improve your skills through workshops, courses, and by keeping up with industry trends.

Community Involvement: Participate in local events and charities to increase your visibility and network.

Marketing Strategy: Utilize traditional and digital marketing strategies tailored to your target market.

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