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Explaining the benefits of a solar system to consumers is notoriously difficult. The recommended system size, solar benefits, and system cost depend on multiple factors. This complexity makes it difficult to educate and advise your audience in a scalable way. As a result, your prospects stop engaging and drop off before they’ve entered your lead funnel. You will quickly learn that your reality can be different though!


Generate 4x more leads and increase your lead quality and conversions with an educational solar funnel experience.


Build trust and transparency with an interactive online experience that offers individual address-level solar insights.


Reduce time from visitor to lead to closed deal with a self-service customer experience that is fully integrated with your software systems.


Build any type of calculator for your renewable energy business

Build any type of calculator your business needs. Here some examples of what kind of calculators you can build

Solar Potential Savings example

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Ready to automate your quoting process for your solar company?

With ConvertCalculator you can build sales funnels for your solar company that maximize conversions and profits, while saving your time in the process.

Common renewable energy company questions

Why can renewable energy companies benefit from an online calculator form?

Many organizations see the advantages of choosing renewable energy solutions like solar panels. It reduces energy costs whilst reducing their environmental footprint. Non-renewable energy resources have a big disadvantage that they can not be replenished. Consumers are less familiar with the potential energy cost savings for their household when using solar panels and other renewable energy solutions and, therefore, need convincing arguments.

A calculation form, in this context better known as a savings calculator form, offers you the possibility to show your prospects, both organizations and consumers, the potential savings on their energy bill. The calculator form gives prospects tailored information about their situation and the potential to save as well as full transparency. Together, this can take away the preconceived idea that renewable energy is costly.

Can you embed a web calculator on your website and create sales leads for your reneweable energy business?

Our calculators forms are used as an effective online sales tool. The ConvertCalculator calculator form is an interactive widget that helps increase customer engagement. When used on your renewable energy company website it serves as a great lead generator for your business.

With the calculator widget you can ask your prospects for specific information about their energy usage in their building or home. Your own created formula in the calculator tool then calculates their estimated savings. Add an online form for visitors to leave their contact details and let them request a price quote.